#G188* – Postulating The Outcome IF Lisbon Is Enacted

Up until now since its inception as a series of White Papers issued by The british Government as a solution to the restructuring of a largely broken CONTINENTAL Europe:

EUropean Union Co-Operation Vol I (I have papers #4 of 16-Apr-48 onwards for 1948 & 1949)


EUropean Union Council of EUrope Vol I (I have papers #7 of 05-May-49 onwards for 1949)


EUropaische WirtschaftGemenschaft by Reichs Minster Walter Funk published Berlin 1942 which I have (My English Translation is available on the internet CLICK HERE

The EU experiment has grown insidiously in a regular series of ‘salami slices’ as the barbed wire circle of stars has ratchetted ever tighter around the neck of freedom first of the Nation State and increasingly of the peoples in thes vassal regions.

Until about 15 years ago this ratchet effect was similar to the frog analogy:
You put a frog into a pan of cold water and it will swim around merrily and as long as you raise the temperature slowly and steadily you can raise the temprature to boiling point and the frog will merely die and be cooked, without realising as its blood temperature rises with its surrounds being a reptile.
If you put a frog in a pan of warm water it will immediately make an effort to get out.

The incremental ratchetting of the EU has left most people, like the frog, blissfully unaware of just how far they are being taken over.

The enactment of the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty for the first time moves the EU into a politically controlling ‘In Your Face’ position.

Whilst the EU was all but invisible with the occasional error such as metrication, 40ton axle loadings, EU arrest warrant to name a few the peeople unfortunate enough to be in its thrall fell into three groups:

01./ EU devotees known as EUroPhiles – who were rabidly in favour and were being bribed ever more to act as its salesmen – MEPs for example who undertake on appointment to represent The EU’s best interests NOT their electorate or Country/Region.

02./ The lobotomised masses with their footie, racing, soap opera, beer, sex and comfort bought with a false salary per output and unsustainable borrowing – this constitutes the huge mass who are indifferent to politics, beyond moaning and who barely noted whether they were dancing to the tune of the Tally man, the bank, the bills, the Mrs., need, comfort or Government – whoever that may be!

03./ The EUroRealists a small but growing body of informed active and patriotic opponents of the experiment – all too well aware of the freedoms being lost and the ratchet effect as the EU took ever more incremental control as they watched the authority of their particular Oireachtas, Westminster, Bundestag wither and their political elite succumb to the cebtralised bribe structure.

Lisbon will, if enacted increasingly stir up the huge body of peoples in group 02. increasingly the details of the hoops they have to jump through will inevitably politicise them – the inevitability of rising food prices and falling incomes, rising joblessness and the inevitable rise in crime and heavy handed policing.

This will move a huge tranch of the 02. intellectually & politically EUthenased masses across a widening EUroSceptic bridge and as they learn more will become fully fledged EUroRealists.

To counter this the 01. EUroPhiles will seek to enlarge the bribe zone by mopping up a burgeoning middle class unemployable zone by ever greater QUANGOcracy of NGOs and the promotion of the new State Religion of guilt of an almost Catholic proportion at Anthropogenic Global Warming & Climate Change increasingly becoming barking mad in their desparation to hang onto their place at the trough!

By this process and minded that the entire world lives on a margin of 5% in terms of food production The EU is confronted with the incompetence and profligacy of its CAP, catastrophic missmanagement of The CFP and as output falls whereby for the first time in modern history the whole of Europe is a nett food importer but with a falling export and profit bases as it shrinks its own market by over management and erradication of natural competition.

The reality of global cooling which has been proven to pertain over the last 9 years and a period of climatic change, most probably caused by plate techtonic shift, could well wipe out that 5% margin in a single year – there will be those old enough to remember the appauling and savage famine that stalked the central planes of EUrope immediately after the last major EUropean war in the winter of 1945/6.

A famine that was so deep that without American aid the death toll could have reached 50% – a period when a small bar of chocolate would be shared out by a Mother and would buy the sacrifice of sex with any of her children.

Famine is only an intervention store away and the intervention stores in EUrope have been dropping in content year on year since the Millenium.

Had the winter of 1946/7 come one year earlier the death toll would have made the Stalingrad Seige seem like a picnic.

I do not believe that The EU is an experiment worth risking – particularly in a period funded on credit and dwindling monetary faith as America’s Dollar teeters on the brink having lost 14% of its value in a matter of weeks without sign of recover let alone cause to create it!

Lisbon moves The Politically controlling aspect of The EU experiment high profile and it can no longer be pretended that anyone but the central EU governs any of the vassal states. The EU has moved into YOUR sitting room with Lisbon – your now defunkt National Government can no longer decide on what light bulbs you buy!

The full weight of the 120,000 rules and regulations now fall on YOUR back to bear.

How long before even the yes voters are scuttling in anonimity across that EUroSceptic bridge to EUroRealism.

IF Lisbon is enforced will that be the EU’s Death Knell?

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

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‘The arrogance and hubris of corrupt politicians
will be responsible for every drop of blood spilt
in the Wars of Disassociation, if Britain does not
leave the EU.

The ugly, centralised, undemocratic supra national policies being imposed by the centralised and largely unelected decisionmakers of The EU for alien aims, ailien values and to suit alien needs stand every possibility of creating 200,000,000 deaths across EUrope as a result of the blind arrogance and hubris of the idiologues in the central dictatorship, and their economic illiteracy marching hand in glove with the idiocy of The CAP & The CFP – both policies which deliver bills, destroy lives and denude food stocks.

The EU, due to the political idiocy and corruption of its undemocratic leaders, is now a net importer of food, no longer able to feed itself and with a decreasing range of over priced goods of little use to the rest of the world to sell with which to counter the net financial drain of endless imports.

British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit
of their own agenda and greed, have done more
damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy
of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain
into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own
personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain
more than the armies of Hitler
and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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Until we gain our liberty, restore our sovereignty, repatriate our democracy and reinstate our Justice system and our borders – defended by our Police and Military armed with sustainable and obtainable weaponry:
Treat every election as a referendum.

Don’t waste your vote on a self serving Politician in ANY election until we are liberated from the EU and are a Free Sovereign peoples, with independent control of our own borders, making and managing Law & Justice for our own benefit, in our own elected Westminster Parliament where we can fire our politicians at the ballot box, if they fail to represent OUR best interests.
Make your vote count
Write on YOUR ballot Paper