It would be funny if it wasn’t true!

EU Idiocy & Jobsworths interfere in everything because they have no real job to do – They know better than most just what a failure The EU project is but they are so highly bribed they stay silent.

If you have your snout burried in the troughs of The Gravy Train and you are bought and paid for –

The house rules are –


Clearly with his usual alacrity Christopher Booker hits the button with The EU’s crass interferrence and its multi numbered diktats all drawn up by the over arching and ever burgeoning bureacracy of the central soviet of the supra national EU – with neither visible sense nor visible democracy!

There is one fact, not so much a detail, rather more of an elephant in the room which Christopher overlooks or more likely was denied the space, by The Sunday Telegraph, to address.

It is dealt with in one of my blogs on this site to which there are links after Christophers article below and that is the fact that it seems as if The British Government is failing to be honest to us their employers – their masters in the central bureaucracy in The EU which now not only does our MPs’ job but surplants and has far greater authority in Britain than Westminster!

Britain has for many many years run domestic power on single phase 220 > 240 volt, yet they have agreed to obey their masters and supply 210 > 230 volt and now ALL available light bulbs are designed on the EU idiocy of one size fits all and the EU bulbs are supplied (including the mercury versions) to function on the lower voltage and the 140 volt surge gives EU standardised bulbs a very short life.

In passing Christopher seems not to have been given the space to explain that the new CFLs (a picture of some of its components is below) require MERCURY!

The tiny weenie British barometer business has been destroyed by the EU for its miniscule usage of safe (non vapourised Mercury). I understand that relative to the few 100lbs. used for barometers Osram & Mazda I understand will be using around 4 ton of mercury and rising, whilst to supply The EU China will use upto 40 tons of Mercury a year.

How ecologically sound did the Eu say these CFL bulbs were? I leave it to Christopher to keep us all informed!

DEFRA lacks power to ban our bulbs

How are shops supposed to decide whether a customer intends a 100W bulb for use in a ‘household’, wonders Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker

29 Aug 2009

Light fantastic: the CFL type of bulb can’t be used in UK fittings
Photo: Getty

The continuing drama over the EU’s drive to force us all to use only so-called “low energy” light bulbs, rather than the incandescent bulbs that many of us prefer, has brought to light a truly surreal legislative blunder. Last week, it was reported that, as from next Tuesday, the public will be expected to report to trading standards officers anyone guilty of selling “illegal’ incandescent bulbs. I thought I would check with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs whether such an absurd thing could be true.

No, I was told, it will still be legal to sell existing stocks of 100 watt or frosted bulbs, but it will be a criminal offence to import them from outside the EU. When I asked the legal basis for this, I was directed to various laws, starting with the EU’s 2005 Eco-Design of Energy-Using Products directive. When I asked how this had been put into British law, I was directed to a regulation of 2007 which turned out to concern the “eco-design” of fridges and boilers but said nothing about imported light bulbs.

I was also, however, pointed to a European Commission regulation (244/2009) of March this year, regarding “eco-design requirements for non-directional household lamps”. Wading through a lot of bureaucratic gobbledegook about “non-directional” bulbs used for lighting domestic rooms (“a non-directional lamp”, it helpfully explains, “is a lamp which is not directional”), at last I found the explanation for what Defra thinks it is up to – and its extraordinary blunder came to light.

This curious story goes back to the day in March 2007 when the EU’s leaders, including Tony Blair, gathered in Brussels to approve a package of proposals designed to stop global warming. It was soon clear they hadn’t the slightest idea how all their quixotic dreams could be put into effect, because these raised all sorts of practical problems which were left to hapless officials to resolve.

On the proposal to ban incandescent bulbs, for instance, it emerged that many light fittings could not take “low energy” compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). A report for Defra the previous year had found that this applied to more than half the fittings in UK homes. So the officials were left to work out how the ban on what were now dubbed “old-fashioned” bulbs could somehow be phased in over several years in a way that was both legal and workable in practice.

Initially they leant on Europe’s own manufacturers to stop making incandescent bulbs “voluntarily”, but this did not get around the problem of imported bulbs, for instance from China. So their solution, enshrined in regulation 244/2009, was that it should gradually be made illegal between now and 2016 for “non-directional” incandescent bulbs to be “placed on the market”, because they do not comply with the EU’s new “eco-design” standards. This is the regulation on which Defra bases its claim that, from Tuesday, it will be illegal to import 100 watt or frosted bulbs for sale, with all other “non-directional” incandescent bulbs due to follow between now and 2016.

But herein lies Defra’s amazing error. The legislation it depends on to make this claim, regulation 244/2009, refers quite specifically to “household lamps”. So the EU has not made it illegal to “place on the market” bulbs which are not intended for household use. Defra thus has no power to ban the import or sale of incandescent bulbs for use in shops, offices, factories, outhouses or anywhere which isn’t a “household”. And how are shops to decide, when asked for such bulbs, where a customer wishes to use them?

In other words, not for the first time, in its desire to bend over backwards to meet the wishes of the EU, our Government has made a total Horlicks of trying to understand the laws it is so eager to comply with.

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Why should I be surprised that a Government spokesman fails to realise the change in CFL bulbs have changed little and still have some 50 parts dependent on the failure rate of the very worst part and intollerant of fluctuation in power supply. May I remind the Government spokesman that these bulbs are manufactured for the 220>230 volt power supply of the EU which gives them a notably greater failure rate on 220>240 supply in Britain!

To understand why you will find your light dimmed and diminished by this dishonest move on the part of the pond life which has made Britain a vassal of our enemies at:



“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

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‘The arrogance and hubris of corrupt politicians
will be responsible for every drop of blood spilt
in the Wars of Disassociation, if Britain does not
leave the EU.

The ugly, centralised, undemocratic supra national policies being imposed by the centralised and largely unelected decisionmakers of The EU for alien aims, ailien values and to suit alien needs stand every possibility of creating 200,000,000 deaths across EUrope as a result of the blind arrogance and hubris of the idiologues in the central dictatorship, and their economic illiteracy marching hand in glove with the idiocy of The CAP & The CFP – both policies which deliver bills, destroy lives and denude food stocks.

The EU, due to the political idiocy and corruption of its undemocratic leaders, is now a net importer of food, no longer able to feed itself and with a decreasing range of over priced goods of little use to the rest of the world to sell with which to counter the net financial drain of endless imports.

British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit
of their own agenda and greed, have done more
damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy
of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain
into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own
personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain
more than the armies of Hitler
and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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