Olympics chief Tessa Jowell ‘to quit as MP’

By Simon Walters, Political Editor
Last updated at 10:25 PM on 04th July 2009

Gordon Brown’s creaking Cabinet suffered another blow last night after it was revealed that Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell is poised to quit the Commons at the next Election.

Party insiders said that Ms Jowell, 61, has told friends she believes it is time to step down after 17 years as MP for Dulwich, South London, and move to the House of Lords.

Ms Jowell attempted to play down the claims last night, saying: ‘I have been reselected as the Labour candidate for Dulwich and it is my current intention to stand at the next Election.

‘I believe in politics and am 1,000 per cent committed to a successful Olympics in 2012.’

However, well-placed Labour sources said it was an ‘open secret’ that Ms Jowell, who has remained a Labour Minister since the party won power in 1997, is planning to step down.
It comes just weeks after several prominent Labour politicians confirmed they are to leave politics amid a growing belief that Tory leader David Cameron will beat the Prime Minister at the next Election.

Former Cabinet Ministers and staunch Blairites John Reid, Alan Milburn, Ruth Kelly and John Hutton are, like Ms Jowell, all stepping down at the General Election, expected next year.

However, Ms Jowell is the first serving member of the Cabinet to head for the political exit, which will do little for confidence in the Government.

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Last month, Mr Brown narrowly survived an attempted Cabinet coup, in which two senior Blairite Ministers, James Purnell and Hazel Blears, resigned.

Ms Jowell’s decision not to walk out on Mr Brown proved crucial in saving him – and she was rewarded for her loyalty with a new Cabinet Office job to go with her 2012 Olympics role.

One of her tasks is to act as Mr Brown’s unofficial ‘nanny’, making sure that he gets more rest and stops firing off emails to Ministers at 3am.

Ms Jowell, who has four grandchildren, split from her businessman husband David Mills in 2006 after he was accused of tax fraud and money laundering as a result of his links to Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

However, the pair did not divorce and have stayed close, prompting claims that the break-up was a ruse to save her career.

Ms Jowell, who was educated at St Margaret’s public school in Aberdeen, was a social worker before she became an MP.

She married her first husband, Camden Labour councillor Roger Jowell, in 1970, but the couple divorced six years later.

She entered Parliament in 1992 and was among a small group of Blairites who persuaded Tony Blair not to stand down as Prime Minister in favour of Mr Brown in the aftermath of the Iraq war.

Ms Jowell is said to have claimed she would ‘jump under a bus’ for Mr Blair. However, her loyalty to him made her enemies in Mr Brown’s circle.

As a result, when he became Prime Minister in 2007, he demoted her, only to restore her full Cabinet status last month when he was in danger of running out of experienced Ministers.

Ms Jowell’s open nature and good humour have made her very popular with most Labour MPs.

She was a member of the so-called ‘Labour WAGS’ – Women Against Gordon – which also included ex-Ministers Caroline Flint and Jacqui Smith.

As Culture Minister, Ms Jowell was forced to backtrack on plans to open a network of Las Vegas-style super casinos in Britain after a public outcry.

She was also accused of raiding National Lottery funds to pay for Government projects.

More recently, she has faced criticism over the soaring cost of the London Olympics.

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I felt my comment to the paper was appropriate as follows:

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To stop the rats leaving the sinking ship of EUrope perhaps we could fill in the drain (aka tunnel) through which we receive so much of their excrement.

Oh by the way madame can you take the rest of the sleazy cabinet and the other liars with you too. Not because it is a law but because no one said you couldn’t just ‘flip’ off!

Your legacy can be that you built a load of tacky little athletes flats ideal for the 250 MPs we need to run this Country, once free of the over regulation of the EU. America with 300 Million population manage with only 435 Representatives 250MPs will do to govern our 60 Million

Greg L-W.

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

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