#G128* – A STRANGE DAY from NEDA, Big Horn, FARRAH to Michael JACKSON!


a strange day 25th. June 2009 as I woke thinking back on the so recent brutal slaughter of a young innocent 27 year old Neda Agha Soltani whose obscene slaughter I and so many others watched on the street in Tehran. There is no dignity in death and yet again there was shame, this time falling squarely on the shoulders of the evil Mullahs who so dishonestly misrepresent Islam for their personal gain.

Neda had been travelling across Tehran in a car with her music teacher when caught in a traffic jam – Tehran being hot dry and airless at this time of year she and her friend stepped out of the car rather than bake in a tin box! Spotted by one of the vile enforcers for the Mullahs the Basij in an act, all too common for such vile inadequate men, singled out a young, attractive woman and shot her in the chest, seemingly the bullet ripped through her aorta and lung and clearly she was all but dead as she hit the ground loosing her life blood in a fountain of blood.

As with so many senseless killings it is a near certainty this cowardly murder by the Mullah’s cowardly enforcers will back fire on them. Do not forget it was the Thugee who were the temple enforcers who garotted their victims with a black silk scarf in India who gave us the word thug. I believe and hope the Basij will be known in the future for their vile actions which led to the collapse of the dictatorship of the mad Mullahs of Iran and surrender back to the decent Muslim peoples of Iran.

I often wonder how Nasser Gramian of Jahan’s Trading Company ( we used to love the grade 1 caviar from the Caspian with buttered toast and the pictures from the harem! Our study was something of a Mecca) with whom I shared a study at school has fared!

I know all too well how a Bedouh Jordani friend Mohammed Yassir died in a tank battle to defend his land from the vile terrorists of the Zionist insurgents who had already killed his parents and his baby sister, when we were together at Sandhurst; Yassir was invaluable swopping British Army processed cheese for oranges and a goat in the desert south of Bengahzi! It was that night we had a brush with a huge bull camel in the village and then with a spotted hyena on the way back!

Today is indeed a strange day as it was the anniversary of the death of Custer in 1876, who together with the 7th. Cavalry had bullied, brutalised and slaughtered the indiginous people in breech after breech of treaties drawn up with the Indians. Finally Sitting Bull retaliated on the banks of the Little Big Horn River in Montana, killing 230 soldiers of the 7th. Cavalry.

That the Battle Guidon of the 7th. Cavalry bore a circle of enslaving gold stars gives some satisfaction as it fell with General Custer and two of his brothers as they tried to herd and harrie the Lakota Sioux & Cheyenne under Sitting Bull back into their reserve, to all but starve to death!

It was not until the shamefull and cowardly slaughter in the creek at Wounded Knee when the US 7th. Cavalry slaughtered 120 unarmed men and 230 women and children leaving about 150 to die in the subsequent blizzard without tents, food or adequate clothing, using a force of 1,500 so called soldiers. It was here that the Miniconjou Sioux (Lakota) and Hunkpapa Sioux (Lakota) under Sitting Bull were finally betrayed & slaughtered.

A strange day as it reminds one of the fact that the most heavily armed peoples on the planet were driven out of Viet Nam defeated by bare footed peasants carrying bicycles, was it again the murder of the innocents that lost that war with the obscene massacres like My Lai & My Khe on 16-Mar-1968 when Charlie Co. of 1st. Battalion, 20th. Infantry Regt., 11th. Brigade, 23rd. Infantry Div., US Army.

We must hope that Neda’s death will have meaning over a Century from now as did those of Sitting Bull, Wovoka, Black Coyoto, Two Moons, Big Foot, Red Cloud, Yellow Bird, Bloody Knife, Spotted Eagle, Pretty Bird, Crazy Horse, Mitch Boyer, Red Horse & many others and the silent unknown heros the women who in order to cross the picket lines into Canada & freedom under the British crown smothered their children to stop them crying and alerting the US Cavalry.

To learn more of this period of shamefull colonial history may I commend ‘Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee’ by Dee Brown.

Let us hope the Basij are remembered and reveilled by history as were the 7th. Cavalry, Custer, Lt. Calley and My Lai & My Khe as are Pol Pot, The IDF, The Gestapo, The SS and Amin.

The day got stranger with the sad announcement of the death of Farrah Fawcett at only 62 – her bravery in the face of the ravages of cancer have been an inspiration to many of us who follow the disease closely just as many of us would have followed her closely had we the chance in her hey day! That a woman so widely known for her looks, her laughter and her body should be so betrayed by her body fighting first rectal cancer, then breast cancer and then the spread of the disease she never gave into searching for hope worldwide during those brutal ravagging 3 years.

One can only be pleased that Ryan O’Neal stood by her, marrying her in her last weeks and with her as she died in the hospice. Astonishingly the iconic picture of Farrah in that red swim suit with the ever present smile and the shower of blond hair was the biggest selling poster of all time with 12 Million sales. Just think we thought we had sold a lot of the Che poster & TShirts at Big O & Splash in the 1960s ;-).

Thanks for having been that icon Farrah – brave to the very end you would have made Charley very proud and now an angel far too soon!

The day got stranger with the first announcements of the admission to hospital of Michael Jackson with apparent heart problems that mapped out as death from what seems to have been heart failure.

We now know at just after 2am. from his brother Germaine Jackson that his personal physician was with him and had spent over an hour trying to resuscitate him.

At 13.14hrs. WPT Michael was taken by paramedics to Hospital from his home when they could not establish a heart beat or breathing.

At 14.26hrs. WPT Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at The Ronald Regan Medical facility in LA. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday – a routine matter in a surprise death case – Police have not taken charge of the body nor is there any reason for suspicion. He has been transfered to the corroner’s facility in LA by helicopter for autopsy.

Born in 1958 & brought up in Gary Indiana at the heart of the steel industry it put metal in his soul as he started performing in 1963 at the age of 5 and was driven to the top of music – he always claims he never had a childhood and many would claim he never grew up but strange as he was he gave great pleasure to many Millions and as with John Lennon’s claim of being better known than Christ it was probably true of Michael Jackson.

Michael’s first wife was almost dynastic as the Presley family joined the Jacksons! He married Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie and although it only lasted 19 months their parting was not seemingly accrimonious and today she spoke well of him in some sadness and shock. We have not heard from the nurse Debbie Rowe who was his second wife and mother of two of his children the mother of the third has never been officially known.

A strange day with this its final act the death of a strange man who gave huge pleasure toi huge numbers but always seemed to be a by stander at his own confused and chaotic life.

What a strange day!

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Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

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The EU, due to the political idiocy and corruption of its undemocratic leaders, is now a net importer of food, no longer able to feed itself and with a decreasing range of over priced goods of little use to the rest of the world to sell with which to counter the net financial drain of endless imports.

British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit
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