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I was not surprised that Robin’s posting on Political correctness ended up with 30 Comments (not counting mine because it was not PC). I gather from speaking to Robin earlier this evening he was astonished at just how angry the British public are getting. I too am concerned at the clear failure of Governance that the people no longer believe a word of their lies and feel increasingly disenfranchised as the Government acts in abuse of the people – there is a feeling abroad of suppressed anger and increased willingness to take direct action.

I am unaware of any period in British history where Politicians were so universally despised, local Government held in such contempt and the Police so widely distrusted and loathed. I haven’t seen any gibbets YET. I have seen cameras burnt out at the side of the road and wonder how long before some useless tax grabbing cop is found hanging from one!

18 February 2009 12:19 PM
Happy Anniversary Again
How exciting, another anniversary, for the second day running. This time it is the fourth anniversary of possibly the most vindictive, divisive, senseless and politically motivated legislation for decades, The Hunting Act 2004, the legislation that not only stops those who are that way inclined, from chasing foxes – but also stops those wanting to use dogs to pursue mice, mink and grey squirrels – incredible! Rats and rabbits are all right – but what is the difference between dogs killing rats and dogs killing mink or foxes? I have no idea.
Ihad better put my cards on the table – I do not hunt, shoot, or fish normally – I do not have time. I am a conservationist who has actually kept pet foxes – they were wonderful animals and I cried bucketsful of tears when they went to the great fox earth in the sky. But there you are, as a conservationist I believe that foxes need controlling – there are too many of them about and they are putting certain ground nesting birds at risk. As a farmer too, I believe that there are too many foxes and last year they cleared out my free-range hens.
Yet as somebody interested in animal welfare I also believe that hunting is as near nature as possible, hounds chasing foxes in England are rather similar to wolves hunting coyotes in the wild in North America. The fox has no major wild predator in Britain and to me hunting is the best and most humane way of limiting the fox population, not eliminating the fox population. Since the hunting ban the fox population has increased significantly although the odd fox is still rolled over in the course of legal hunting.
The simple facts are that in a hunt the fox is either caught and killed or it gets away – there is no wounding, there is no long and painful death. In shooting, snaring and trapping there can be wounding and stress – consequently The Hunting Act has increased animal suffering.
No doubt there will be bunny-hugger postings about chasing “innocent “ wild animals. There is no such thing as an “innocent” animal or a “guilty” animal – they are animals doing what animals do.
Fact – I have hunted journalistically – it is one of the most exciting things I have ever done. The adrenalin spurts were wonderful. If I had a horse, a groom, and plenty of time I would love to do it regularly. My chosen sport was village football – a real blood sport.
Fact – hunting is not the preserve of “toffs” – my local hunt had its “Hunt Breakfast” last Saturday morning in a farm barn. It was great – ordinary, real country people in wellies and working clothes enjoying a good old fashioned fry-up before watching the hounds go off – accompanied by a golden eagle – absolutely great.
Fact – the Hunting Act is bad legislation; a judge tells me that it breaks virtually every precedent for legislating in a democratic liberal society. This small fact was overlooked by many of the 72 lawyers in Parliament (surely far too many).
Fact – the BBC has an “animal rights” agenda at the heart of its broadcasting – hence Vice-President of the League Against Cruel Sports Bill Oddie – and the disappearance of both me and David Bellamy (see yesterday’s blog). It has always been anti-hunting and is now busy exaggerating “wildlife crime” and demonising gamekeepers. It also virtually ignored the next fact
Fact – the Labour Party has accepted over £1.1m from “animal welfare” bodies. Consequently to most people the Hunting Act seems to have been “Bought legislation”.
Obviously if the four recently exposed peers are proved guilty, they were only following the example of the Commons. In addition to this, did grasping Labour MPs receive brown envelopes to go with their huge expenses? I would put money on the fact that the late Tony Banks received brown envelopes. Funny that, he was an anti-hunting vegetarian, just like Hitler. In my view too he sounded just like a fascist on numerous occasions. To me one diatribe against Sir James Goldsmith was straight anti-Semitic hysteria – but the BBC liked him – he pressed all their PC buttons.
Fact – the recommendations of the Burns Report on Hunting, commissioned by the Government, was almost entirely ignored by Labour bigots when the Act was passed. What a waste of time and money – it was in fact a very good report.
It is incredible too, that many MPs who seem to view politics as a branch of show business, love being anti-hunting as it gets them in the media. The anti-hunting Widow Twanky of the House of Commons, Ann Widdecombe, is one example; she dislikes hunting so much that one of her homes is on Dartmoor, in the middle of hunting country and hunting people – but does she associate with common, country people? Another is Martin Salter from Reading; sadly whenever he speaks I can find no evidence whatsoever of his mouth being connected to his brain.
From my studies and experience the most unfriendly animal welfare activities in Britain today in descending order are:
Halal Slaughter
Broiler fowl for supermarkets – including Freedom Food.
Dog Shows
Goldfish in bowls and canaries in cages.
Suburban cats for the mayhem they cause to protected garden birds.
Some aspects of intensive cattle, sheep and pigs
Horse Racing
Keeping Dogs in High Rise Flats
In my experience hunting is fine. It is about wild, free animals taking their chance and when I wrote The Hunting Gene, I enjoyed watching it and it taught me how important it was, and is, to rural culture – particularly in isolated rural communities such as those in the Lakes and the West Country. What I did not understand, and do not understand, is why so much time and money was spent attacking rural culture in a supposedly multi-cultural community.
In addition, what I could not get my head round was why people claiming to be outraged by hunting, were so outraged that they had to return to be outraged again and again and again. To me gay clubs sound most unpleasant places – to avoid offence – I do not go – it is as simple as that. Is that difficult?
Now we have “hunt monitors” – more accurately “vigilantes” – following hunts to be outraged again. I have seen some of them – they intimidate, abuse and harass – sometimes wearing balaclavas and carrying weapons, yet the police do nothing. Would the police allow fundamentalist Christians or even Muslims to follow gays around all day abusing them and threatening them because they are offended by their life styles? It is quite incredible – one law for some – and no laws to protect the hunting fraternity.
Incredibly, these sad – get a life vigilantes, claim that they can’t abide the possibility of the law being broken, so they have to inform and become “coppers’ narks”. In years gone by some of them would have made excellent members of the SS or today even, members of Robert Mugabe’s “Youth Brigade”. But why do they stop with imagined breaches in the hunting legislation? Why did none of them bring a private prosecution against Tony Blair when he killed about 8 million animals during the infamous and illegal “contiguous” cull of the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak?
And what about other people breaking the law? Why is Ann Widdecombe not out with her notebook collecting the car numbers of all those drivers using mobile phones? Why is Martin Salter not at the building site forty yards away from me on which none of the workers are wearing their protective helmets and goggles? They say that they are dangerous and increase the likelihood of an accident – good bit of health and safety there then?
In a liberal society such as this, matters not affecting third parties ought to be left to individual morality, not to prejudice, malice and bigotry. The Hunting Act represents a shameful piece of legislation and shows that the only thing that should really be under the microscope is “British democracy” itself and the House of Commons.
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May I add to your list of cruelties if not AT the top close to:

The breaking of the backs of large pet rabbits by Animal Rights scum to photograph to hand out in school playgrounds for ‘adopt a rescue rabbit’.
Foxes being eaten alive by magots or dying of starvation due to lack of cull by the hunt.
Red Deer that would have been killed by the hunt but now live on to die in misery over weeks in winter.

Warfarine and other poisons of the city rat catchers.

The hunt never did kill many fit young foxes but it sure disrupted their sex lives! The dog fox on the surface whilst the vixen was under ground – the dog fox was chased miles off of its territory but rarely caught and by the time it had foughs and skulked its way back home a week later, the last thing on its mind was a bit of rural ‘tail’!

But the hunt worked wonders for the breeding of rural stock as the milk maid to this day seems always to have fallen off UNDER the cowman, the huntsman returns from the hunt eager to display his prowess to the young lass in the stables and the lonely tractor driver meets the farm secretary far from the madding crowd whilst both are on the hunt they so often find their quarrie.

The Searchlight, Fabianist, Guardianista abuse of the Countryside is all toooo Common Purpose and so redollent of the control freaks of the EU’s style of centralised fascism and communist apologia. One wonders when last mankind so collective its way!

I wonder if The Mail will post my comment below on Robin Page’s Blog, or will it break their PC (very backward Common Purpose) code?

It is interesting to note the complete absence of the RSPCA & Animal Rights parasites during the most obscene and needless Government slaughter of animals ever, under the odious Blair & his neo fascist cronies.
Never forget that the F&M outbreak was not only deliberate but meticulously planned from the 1968 meeting in the EU, where it was decided to open the way for porcine production in Poland, Bovine production in Slovakia & Slovenia with milk processing for export to Britain in Poland, and sheep production in Hungary & Romania.
Then when you realise that Pan Asian Type O virus was permitted to be released from Pirbright to Norfolk based Animal Rights scum in Norfolk who having tested it in the Galloway Hills visited Bobby Waugh’s farm in Northumberland and after several weeks of surveillance introduced the virus over the wall from the adjoining road.
The livestock from his farm left to points all over Britain within a day or two!
The refusal of the Government to hold a full blown enquiry speaks volumes as does the Knighthood of their NFU chums – so hugely subsidised by The EU.
Pages and pages of substantive evidence can be found under the SilentMajority web site in the sub section of Foot In Mouth in the old/contemporary section. Reports, cross referenced and detailed facts etc. etc. – You may wish once you have read that to visit Mary’s site at Warmwell which has a good archive.
The anti hunt lobby was raised as a rural issue to detract and obfuscate from the real issue of the destruction of British agriculture as we are increasingly dependent on the inport of foreign food which funds Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia etc. and may open your eyes to the obscenity of the Common Agricultural Policy!
Not a Policy and little to do with agriculture merely a rip off designed to transfer money from industrial Germany to rural Greater Germany the home of the Franks of France! Do read The Treaty of Elysee!
The joys of vassal status in a communist style Common Purpose supra national and undemocratic centralised new state!
Greg L-W.