UK – 3rd in the Global Millionaire Stakes (G025)

A study entitled “A Wealth of Opportunities in Turbulent Times” by management consultants the Boston Consultant Group, showed that in 2007 the number of millionaire households grew by 11.2% globally despite the ensuing recession.

The UK was listed as having the 3rd largest number of millionaires (668,000) compared with Japan 2nd (900,000) and the US 1st (4,884,000).The report also predicted that China (5th) would overtake Germany (4th) in 2008.

Patrios is minded that many of the millionaires in the UK have achieved their wealth via property development/ownership and will be intrigued to see the effect that declining property values will have on these figures next year, though we doubt that The President of Kazakhstan will be too concerned about his ‘secret £50m purchase’ of Toprak Mansion in the Bishops Avenue in Hampstead, North London as reported in the Sunday Times today.

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