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The Harrogate Agenda Feb-2015.

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The Harrogate Agenda – progress report February 2015.


Thomas Pain believed many things and high on the list was that ‘The People’ must be sovereign and that revolutions have to be led by them. This is as true now as it was in the 1700s.


So The Harrogate Agenda needs a ‘People’s Revolution’ in order for its Six Demands, for the better governance of this country, to gain traction.  It will only be when our politicians feel the pressure from the grass roots that they will start to endorse, promote and eventually, as the pressure grows, enact them.


Fortunately many of the foundations are in place, for willing people to start the work of steadily spreading our message, including our pamphlet which clearly sets out our Six Demands, and appropriate supporting DVDs and film clips.  Importantly one of the clips includes the edited film of Richard North’s Flexcit presentation, which sets out the ‘How and Why’ we should leave the EU.  It is to date the only honourable and workable exit and survival plan form the EU yet produced.


The Harrogate Agenda has always recognised that our demands can never be implemented while we are members of the political EU while accepting we should remain, for some time yet, as members of the Single Market.  Flexcit, when published, will contain a chapter on The Harrogate Agenda highlighting its real value which is that on leaving the EU and restoring our self government we will then be in a position to improve and reform our governance in line with our six demands.


Understanding that it is the system that is broken, and that no amount of effort to reform the old parties or indeed invent new ones, is going to change a thing, is something that individuals need to work out for themselves.  Sadly the evidence is that it does take time for this particular penny to drop and even when it does the next hurdle to overcome is an understanding that political change, of the sort we are advocating, takes time and a different approach from anything thus far seen or experienced.


Shortly after producing our pamphlet, (there are still some from the initial stock available to purchase) I drafted a simple plan to carry our message to the public, which involved a few early key players running regional workshops from which we would recruit ‘Ambassadors’ who would in turn run other workshops, working to a set programme which is duplicable, thus enabling the rolling stone to slowly gather more and more moss.


In truth Ambassadors have been hard to find and this is dictating the rate of our progress.  In addition to this there is currently a delay as we await the results of the General Election, to see which way the political wind is blowing in respect of the vital issue of a potential EU referendum.  If a referendum is on the cards for 2017 then our workshops will lead on Flexcit backed up by THA as a key advantage to us leaving the political EU. If not, we will reverse the order. The presentations for our workshops have already been successfully trialled so all we need now is to continue the roll out.


If this e-mail prompts anyone to considering taking our message to the grass roots then please get in touch.  However, rest assured we are not going away and will continue to make steady progress on the journey we have embarked on.  It is just that with a little more help we could go just a little bit faster.  If you can lend some assistance we will be immensely grateful.


Niall Warry


Although The Harrogate Agenda is increasingly an integral part of The FleXcit document it still acts as a stand alone policy CLICK HERE

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