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Now Get Over Yourselves Those Seeking To Damage The Union


Get Over Yourself, Scotland
Posted: 16/09/2014 17:01 BST Updated: 16/09/2014 17:59 BST
I’m sorry, I’m over this now. I’m tired of all the pandering to Scotland; the appeals from celebrities, the begging from politicians, the dire warnings from big business, the polite nudge from her Majesty the Queen. “Pleeeeease stay with us” has been the hysterical refrain since this all began. Well no more begging, no more dire warnings. I’m sorry, we don’t need to beg. It’s Scotland’s mistake. Let’s be very clear about this: Scotland is having a moment of national madness that it will regret for the foreseeable future. Scotland is sleepwalking into a catastrophic and irreversible decision. And now, after the endless grovelling, I’m inclined to call Scotland’s bluff and say “just go”. Scotland is a country that I adore, but she is letting herself down. Scotland is having a tantrum and behaving like a petulant teenager. And like a petulant teenager, she is neither big nor strong enough to go it alone. Get over yourself Scotland. You are a small country, deal with it.
Don’t get me wrong, by global comparison, England is small too. Wales and Northern Ireland are particularly small. But the key point is this: the United Kingdom is an acceptance of our relative smallness and a symbol of each nation’s humility. It is by definition an admission that we all need each other; that what we have, with all its compromises, is better than any of us going it alone.
What’s so special about Scotland anyway? Well, a lot actually. I think it’s one of the greatest nations in human history. For a small country, it has and continues to contribute a disproportionately large amount to the world. Scotland’s offerings in science, medicine, technology, music, engineering, entertainment and art are unparalleled. That’s not to mention the landscape, the cities, the drinks and the epic women.
But that doesn’t mean you have to break off and go it alone, causing discomfort for your neighbours and unadulterated pain for yourselves. The nationalists boast that Scotland’s contribution to UK GDP is a handsome 9%. That means that 91% of the GDP that Scotland shares with the United Kingdom comes from outside Scotland. And they want to leave? Hmm. Good luck with that. If you were in a partnership with another business and they were bringing in 91% of the turnover and you were bringing in 9%, would you seriously be considering setting up on your own? Particularly if the profits were pooled equally, which in the United Kingdom they are. Every penny the Scots have generated in recent memory has been returned to the nation, via investment and public services.
I just don’t get it. England is the strong partner in this relationship and ought to be clamouring for independence. But there isn’t even a whisper of it. England is the one which could realistically go it alone. The English would benefit hugely from sharing their resources with fewer people and acting in their own national interest. But it’s not on the agenda south of the border. And why? Because England isn’t caught up in some egocentric, poor me, nationalistic fervour that the Scots are currently getting drunk on. The English, the Welsh and the Northern Irish people gloomily and bleakly accept we are better together. It’s like a long marriage. Some of the sparkle may have gone, but you like each other, you have lots in common and you’re in a rare thing – a marriage that works.
I know that’s not very evangelical, but then the United Kingdom is not an evangelical idea. And therein lies its genius. It’s never been ideological or rammed down anyone’s throat. It’s a sensible, practical arrangement, in itself a very British idea. And we can be honest – these islands aren’t the force they once were. But that’s ok. By working as a single entity, Britain has remained a stealth-like economic, military and cultural powerhouse in the world, reflected in its status as the sixth largest economy on the planet and a place the world often looks to for economic, diplomatic or creative inspiration.
The Scots need to look at the English for a moment. England has every right to be up itself. London alone is one hell of a boast; some claim it to be the greatest city in the world. It’s also stable. There is an argument to be made that England is the best integrated multicultural, multiracial society on the planet. Plus there’s Shakespeare, Tim Berners-Lee and The Beatles. But the English don’t do chest-beating, and have never done so. It’s positively frowned upon. I still don’t know when St George’s Day is. England has accepted itself as part of the United Kingdom; she’s left her ego at the door, as have the Welsh, as have Northern Ireland. It’s time for the Scots to do the same.
Calm down and grow up. You are a separate country, you are a proud and great nation, and one of the most fabulous I’ve ever known. I adore Scotland infinitely. I had the happiest four years of my life as an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh, a prettier more culturally rich city you’ll struggle to find. I owe Scotland my entire higher education and it pains me to see her make such an uneducated decision; Edinburgh itself is a seat of learning, not rampant, unguarded national emotion. Of course there are tensions and a careful redrawing of the economic and political boundaries for each nation are long overdue; devo-max, which sounds like a treatment for indigestion, looks to be an eminently sensible idea. We should definitely hand over new powers, so Scotland has a far greater say over how it is run. That would be good for England, Wales and NI too. But let’s not throw the bairn out with the bath water. Let’s not cut off our sporran to spite our kilt.
So Scotland, I implore you. Sober up, so we can drink together again. Four fine nations, pooling our collective resources and talent for the greater good. The good of Great Britain. Our country, that we all share. Come back to the party Scotland. And please, don’t make me beg.
Good luck Scotland a minnow in the ocean full of sharks where the gullible bay and bray in strident self loathing for a fake independence desperate for the jobs and hand outs they hope to get from enemies of the UK for their survival!
Listening to the lies of Alex Salmon the SNP and a rag bag of assorted nobodies on the world stage – dependent on a few actors doing what actors do and delivering lines supplied for them to raise their profile from insignificance to ego fed importance in their own lunch time!
Grants are now the sole remaining Scottish owned whiskey producer in Scotland – not a single oil company of any size or stature has it base in Scotland – Scottish ship building is dependent on UK defence and UK contracts, Scotland would be dependent on UK control of its economy without a say if it uses the Pound, Scotland’s wind and solar energy is dependent on UK subsidies, whilst farmers largely vote No crofters dependent on subsiiiideez may well vote to sever the hand that feeds them and how will Scotland fund its over large public service sector without a major finance industry which it hasn’t got when even RBS is planning to relocate its head occice south iof there is a yes vote!
18 Million Scots around the world have no say whilst there are enough Romanians, Poles, Pakistanis, Indians, Germans, Dutch and the like to vote in hatred against the UK!
With a Yes vote Scotland’s demographic with a rapidy ageing population will be unable to fund its pensions without opening the flood gates to third world immigrants who will overrun the indigenous population of 5 million, and to prevent the drift south of these immigrants a rigid border will be inevitable, with control of anyone from Scotland to prevent them working & living in the south!

Good luck Scotland I hope you survive the immense damage done by Alex Salmond & the SNP where whether it is a Yes or No vote their strident bickering and abusive behaviour and self interested dishonesty has done more damage to these United Kingdoms than ISIS has or is ever likely to!

It is and has been my prediction for some time that sanity will prevail in Scotland and I fervently hope, not just for Scotland’s sake but for all of us in these United Kingdoms, that the vote will provide an 8% lead for No, as due to the bullying and abusive style of those seeking to damage the Union have felt unsafe to openly declare their vote, based upon patriotic common sense.

Part of the damage done by Alex Salmond, the SNP and the rump of the UK that has camp[aigned for and voted Yes for the destruction of these United Kingdoms reflecting their myopic introspection and hatred that would most certainly have proved catastrophic for Scotland and very damaging and costly for the rest of the UK as was all too presciently predicted in Judy Magazine in the 1800s!

As I published some 15 years ago and can be found in context in 2009 on my http://Ukip-vs-EUkip.com


One great thing about having a book shop is all of human knowledge and most thought is printed somewhere and when you miss reading it yourself someone points it out to you!

I am not normally an avid reader of ‘Judy’ Magazine for girls of the 1880s but I could be converted – here is a poem from the 28th. August 1889 which shows that little is new.

Please print this out and give out as many copies as you can afford to.

by: Miss J.E. Clarke of Eynsham

Plans for seperation grew worse
than those before,
Then they asked for two Parliaments,
now ’tis three or four.
Only just imagine if Home Rulers
had their way,
And this is something like the tale
the world might hear one day.
“One United Kingdom they fancied
wouldn’t do.
To please some grumbling Irish
they split it into two.
Two little kingdoms, but then the
Scots, you see,
Claimed their ancient throne and
rights, and then there were three.
Three little Kingdoms, and after
that one more,
For Welshmen claimed a parliament,
and then there were four.
Four little Kingdoms wouldn’t do
at all!
One of them was far too big; the
others far too small.
All throughout Great Britain ancient
hates revived.
Cornwall wants to rule herself, and
then there were five.
Five little Kingdoms, but London
in a fix,
Raised the ‘Southern English’ flag,
and then there were six.
Six little Kingdoms, alas! the ‘Home
Rule’ heaven,
Caused a rising in the West, and
then there were seven.
Seven little Kingdoms; Northmen
wouldn’t wait,
But started the Northumbrian state,
and then there were eight.
And the towns that one may visit
by the Eastern Counties line,
Held their own East Anglian Parliament
and then there were nine.
Nine little Kingdoms; the Midlands
people then
Called a parliament themselves,
and then there were ten.
Ten little Kingdoms never could
How to work together, and so
they went free.
Ten little Kingdoms with constitutions
Ten little Kingdoms always in a
Ten little Kingdoms too weak to
stand alone,
A foreign nation conquered them,
and now there were none.

The [EU] ‘Regional Policy’ was again published as a method of breaking up Britain into ‘squabbling’ little Assembly Regions of insufficient stature, to ensure dependence on the centre. Each little Region being in conflict and competition with its neighbour, leading to a loss of National identity and a need for subsidy from the centre.

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