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Amazing diagram shows who really runs the World
Posted on 05/07/2012 by Stewart Cowan


Who really runs the World? Well, it’s not you or I, obviously. It isn’t even the politicians. This amazing diagram gives a much better idea. The Bilderberg Group is becoming increasingly well known due to members of the public and various groups exposing them. Just a few years ago, its existence was just a “conspiracy theory”, but when these billionaires, corporate CEOs, global policymakers and other bigwigs head off to a luxury hotel around the same time each year, then it is hard to deny, especially now that the mainstream media have been sending photographers to witness the limos depositing their expensive cargoes at the door. It probably isn’t worth them sending reporters as well, because what is discussed is not released. But if it was Brad Pitt and Madonna arriving, rather than Henry Kissinger and Kenneth Clarke, most people would have been excitedly talking about it for years, but it’s only politics, so who cares? It’s not important!

Clearly, very few people understand, and some choose to ignore, the real political power structures, labelling them “conspiracy theories” and preferring instead to be entertained and sometimes enraged by the left-right mud fight we are presented with by the mainstream media as “reality”, while the elites do exactly the same thing behind the scenes regardless of which of their puppet leaders has won the election.

It’s like if you were kicked and robbed by a puppeteer and you catch up with him and start getting angry and upset with his Punch and Judy dolls, while he laughs his head off at your unbelievable stupidity.

You can especially imagine the global cabal laughing at the US Presidential race. Such an extravaganza and it means next to nothing, because whoever gets in will further the elite agenda. If this means more war, more political correctness, more attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, more rights for illegal immigrants for social engineering purposes, then this is exactly what the American people will be subjected to, regardless of who “wins” the election. Anyone who genuinely tries to change the system in a major way, like JFK, gets eliminated. It is not surprising that these shadow rulers will take such desperate measures when you look at the trouble they have gone to with setting up thousands of foundations and other groups to change the world we live in.

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, a recent report said that 27,000 “charitable” groups rely on the taxpayer for more than 75 per cent of their income.

Many of the charities lobby for the pet causes of politicians, according to the Institute of Economic Affairs. The environment, public health, foreign aid, inequality and women’s rights are areas that have been ‘particularly blessed’.

Or, in other words, promoting green issues and political correctness! These two things are absolutely vital to the success of the plan for global governance and the emerging new world religion based on Gaia worship. As I understand, it was decided in the 1970s to use variations in the earth’s climate as a weapon for social change, only in those days, the boffins thought we were heading towards a new ice age.

It is quite simple to see how the system works; how the elitists have devised a structure whereby they get their instructions down through the ranks, so that even the lowliest of local council employees will toe the line.

As we see more and more, there are measures being put into place to root out dissenters: those who will not go along with the new social order. Christians have a history of causing trouble for corrupt regimes around the World, so giving them a hard time at work over the simplest of things, like jewellery or offering to pray for someone, will reduce the problem for our masters.

This is how you rule the World! You don’t have to be a James Bond villain and do it the old-fashioned way; you need to be clever and organised. You no longer need to bump off your enemies with a laser weapon fired from a speeding car or by covertly sidling up to them in the street and stabbing them in the leg with the tip of an umbrella which has been dipped in a rare South American venom with no known antidote. Total elimination still goes on of course, but most people can just be deactivated in the sense that they can no longer influence their society. In the Soviet Union, dissenters were often accused of having a mental illness and locked up in gulags for years. This will happen here too, as more calls go out from the social engineers to make things like climate change “denial” a crime.

This vast number of “astroturfing” so-called charities exists to create the illusion of widespread grassroots movements for the sole intention of allowing the government to fool the people into thinking it has the right, even the duty, to change society (in the way that they planned to do all along – or rather, have been told to do by instructions dripping down through the elite machinery). But the people who run these organisations play on our trust, generosity and good nature, when they use their “charities” not to feed the hungry, house the homeless or provide urgent medical treatment, but to lobby politicians and buy advertising space to promote their ideas.

No wonder we lose such a huge proportion of our earnings in tax. Can you imagine how large a comprehensive diagram would be when you include tens of thousands of “charities” (that’s in the UK alone) and all the other groups, institutes and panels telling us what’s “best” for us and our society?

Hey, they’ve done a great job so far, haven’t they?

So, what is it all about? Why such an immense effort by a tiny cabal of individuals to change the world?

Because there are too many people in the World for their liking and some of us need to die and the rest of us need to be slaves to serve them.

This requires the world’s population to be very tightly controlled and so we have this intricate network of councils and institutes and steering committees to see that this happens. In the UK we now live in a very socialist society. Private ownership is still allowed, but under threat from a poor economy and legislation. The socialised healthcare and education systems and state pensions and the state broadcaster (BBC) might look good and there are some benefits, of course, but it will bring us all the more readily into a global socialist system of governance under the auspices of the people and organisations on that diagram. This is why they fund the political correctness agenda too, to destroy national cultures and of course, the family. Lenin said, “Destroy the family you destroy the country”.

Lenin also said that, “The goal of socialism is communism”.

It’s a fallen world, so there will be no political Utopia, and we should at least stop playing this ridiculous left vs right political game and start realising that we don’t have any influence in dictating policy when the MPs we elect are subject to puppet leaders. Just look at the number of policy-creating bodies on the Bilderberg diagram! They really couldn’t care less what we say. It doesn’t matter if your view is the same as the vast majority in the country, your opinion will not be suffered if it is contrary to the agenda.

Something else I found interesting from the Bilderberg diagram was that there are only a few women on the “team”. They have spread their politically correct poison over the Earth and expect everyone else to abide by quotas, but clearly exempt themselves.

They will understand the importance of a patriarchal society. There is a number of fraternal, men only, societies on the diagram too. But the globalists are undermining the man’s role in order to destroy the family to destroy the society to control it themselves. But they have made it all about “equality” which makes it difficult to argue against with some people.

And I know some people who are clued up about the Bilderbergers and other elitist groups, yet they still go along with political correctness because they think it doesn’t affect them. They might say to me something like, “If you don’t like gay ‘marriage’ don’t marry a man.” This may sound like faultless logic, but it isn’t. Social engineering changes the whole society and affects everyone in it. It is part of a much larger and very wicked agenda and promoted via an immense web of institutions. Our leading politicians further this agenda against the wishes of the majority because they have sold us out.

I just want to mention another piece of the global jigsaw here: the attacks on the Islamic world. These countries are/were largely outside of the control of the globalists and when you think you own the world, that is an awfully large part to be excluded from, so they get “democracy” bombed into them. Not because Western leaders are caring and kind, but because Western elites are greedy and murderous and tragically, but unsurprisingly, they have found many willing cohorts in politics to carry out the massacres on their behalf. Tony Blair and George W. Bush spring most rapidly to mind.

A year before the 9/11 attacks, at least two of the people on the diagram, Neocons Paul Wolfowitz at two o’clock and Bill Kristol at five, contributed to the PNAC document called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century” in which they stated that change would take a long time without a “catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” [Link to pdf]

Millions of people agree that planning for this event was already in the pipeline and not from a cave in Afghanistan. This really was a catalyzing event. We hear talk of all sorts of things being justified “post 9/11″. It has made a lot of things change in a very short time.

Life is cheap to these people. Very, very cheap. It is hardly surprising that these are the people pushing abortion and have persuaded half the world through their systems of control that it is a “woman’s right”. And these are the people who are making the new ‘norms’ for society and I get persuaded by normally well-meaning people to go along with it?

I will never go along with it.


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