Tony Bennett Found Guilty re: Madeleinne McCann claims!
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Tony Bennett Guilty Of Publishing Allegations That Madeleine McCann’s Parents Caused Her Death

Posted: 02/22/2013 3:32 pm EST  |  Updated: 02/22/2013 4:41 pm EST

Tony Bennett

The parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann won a court case against a retired lawyer who’d published letters alleging they were responsible for their daughter’s disappearance.

BENNETT, Tony 01

Tony Bennett was found guilty of contempt for defying court orders when he posted letters online in 2011 that blamed Gerry and Kate McCann for the three-year-old’s disappearance in 2007, the Guardian reported. He was given a three-month suspended sentence, the BBC reported, for 13 breaches of the order.

The McCann family was on a vacation in Portugal when Madeleine vanished from her bedroom while her parents ate in a nearby restaurant with friends.

The Portuguese attorney general in 2008 said McCann’s parents weren’t suspects.

Bennett, 65, however, has vowed to solve the case and repeatedly linked her parents to an alleged cover up, the Daily Star said. Letters he wrote to British Prime Minister David Cameron, the lead Scotland Yard detective on the case and other public officials carried the allegations against the McCanns.

“I recognise the distress I have caused on a number of occasions to the claimants,” Bennett said, according to the Guardina. “I would like to apologise to them for that distress.”

A spokesman for the McCanns said they brought the case as a “last resort,” according to the BBC.

“Mr Bennett has pursued an incessant campaign against them, repeatedly making false accusations against them,” said Clarence Mitchell.

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mary collins finn

Commented 2 days ago in Crime
“F&F I agree with your every word and I have posted in the past about people’s baseless fingerprinting at these parents.”
2 seconds ago ( 1:52 PM)

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pray how can you claim people have been BASELESSLY FINGERPOINTING in the light of the undeniable fact that Madeleinne McCann would not have disappeared most probably died had her parents acted responsibly and not indulged themselves by the reckless endangerment of their three very young children by leaving them untended whilst they sat with their chums carousing in a bar/restaurant 150 yards away!

A fact of which you may well have been unaware!


Filed by Michael McLaughlin  |
2 hours ago (11:16 AM)

A heartbreaking tragedy.

4 hours ago ( 9:23 AM)

I’m not familiar with this story. Does anyone know the speculation as to why they took only Madeleine and not the twin siblings?

2 seconds ago ( 1:32 PM)

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I do not believe Tony Bennett ever alluded to the death being a killing, nor that it might have been a deliberate act for gain or pleasure.

I do believe Madeleinne McCann would still be alive with her family had it not been for the reckless endangerment of these three babies as a result of the apparent indifference of their parents to their parental duties. The children were abandoned in a holiday flat whilst the parents joined their chums carousing in a restaurant 150 yards away.

I do not understand why justice has not been seen to be done nor the parents given means to clear their name by being charged with involvement in the disappearance and probable death of their 3 year old daughter.

I believe the intransigence of Bennett was unwise but I feel that it was genuinely made for the unheard child.


2 seconds ago ( 1:37 PM)

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by way of further clarification:

Do I know what happened – NO, however I am more than willing to state that I believe the disappearance and probable death of the babe was a direct result of the irresponsibilituy of the parents and that there is no doubt they had every interest in creating a cover-up had the child died accidentally in their absence as a result of their undeniable reckless abandonment.

That they were both Doctors leads one to consider their neglect was more culpable as they more than most should have known better than to abandon such small children for their own pleasure!

I trust this helps clarify the matter.

Many have tried to link with the lies and scams surrounding Hollie Greig who it was spuriously claimed, without a shred of admissible evidence, had been sexually abused by a paedophile gang (which despite being identified has NEVER been shown to be in any way involved) over a period when the Down Syndrome girl was 6 to age 20!

One wonders why such cases as Franklin aka Boystown and those herein are so clearly discussed yet so often there seems to be an ability to cover-up such criminality as may be involved and justice is rarely seen to be done in respect of those so gravely wronged!

You may find my blogs of help – try Google 😉



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