#G0663* – The Hollie Greig Hoax Further Exposed.
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as you will note from my comment on Pt.1 of this series exposing the Hollie Greig hoax in confirmation of my exposure of the scam in April 2010 I had some difficulties with streaming but the soundtack, although a little stilted, would seem to be complete and lasts for between 7 & 10 minutes per ‘episode’ (Part).
I do not believe there is one shred of valid evidence indicating that Hollie Greig was ever sexually abused by anyone, I am pleased to say, despite reports which seem to be dishonestly misrepresented, the reports claiming or seeming to claim abuse are without a shred of medical evidence to back them and the entire story is clearly without any credibility lacking one iota of corroborative or substantive evidence and not a single word of addmissible evidence of any serious value.
The dishonesty of the claims relating to Anne Greig’s brother’s suicide are ludicrous and far fetched in the extreme and without one shred of factual evidence to support anything other than suicide – a sad suicide which is totally unrelated to Hollie and clearly had understandable motivation from Robert’s view point.
That those seeking to exploit the claims of Anne Greig and Robert Green and act out the abuse of Hollie the vicious and utterly vile nature of the cyberspace fantasies and bullying of the likes of David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie, Matt Quinn, Ian Ferran, George McKendrick and a long list of dishonest and twisted individuals further detracts from ANY credibility in the STORIES they seek to promote.

Clearly there are those amongst the claque who need serious medical help and those who seemingly have a monetary incentive to act in a criminal manner suppressing the truth and seeking notoriety – as is stated in the program there are those like Brian Gerrish and David icke who are just exploiting the situation and as stated clearly Brian Gerrish acts out of some delusional paranoia – even the Navy knew the largest thing he should be in charge of was a glorified plastic washing up bowl harrassing British fishermen to enforce EU regulations and he even boasts of having run that little vessel agound!

I am convinced that Hollie Greig was NEVER sexually abused and that Robert (Roy) Green committed suicide, accidentally setting his car on fire in the act!

I also wish to once again apologise for my part in misleading anyone during the short period I was foolish enough to believe the lies and distortions of Anne Greig & Robert Green.

For justice to be seen to be done I believe that Robert Green has so far got off very lightly and there should be an unequivocal statement from the authorities both of the Scottish ‘wee pretendee Parliament‘ The judiciary, the police and the social services that totally exhonourates those falsely accused, by Anne Greig Robert Green & Stuart Usher and subsequently by others who acted either misguidedly or as with David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Ian Ferran, Belinda McKenzie in a criminal manner, of child abuse and involvement in sexual abuse of children both as perpetrators and victims.

My comment on The YOU TUBE series was:

Sadly I struggled with the streaming but can confirm the lies, dishonesty and hoax surrounding Hollie Greig. You may recall I originally championed the claims for Anne Greig & Robert Green. I was foolish in being duped & exposed the hoax long back to be abused and lied about by the likes of charlatans like Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Belinda McKenzie, George McKendrick & those capitalising on the sad ‘condition’ of Anne Greig.
There is not ONE shred of substantive evidence HG was sexually abused!

Greg260146 1 hour ago in playlist Hollie Greig Hoax! Freedom Central Broadcast July 22nd 2012


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