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in a discussion regarding the current political and economic situation in Britain it is worth remembering as we approach the last 1/3rd. of August that since the start of this month, due in part to the fact that the British Government has lacked the competence or courage to announce it is no longer prepared to make any efforts to bail out the Countries that sequentially fall into the black hole created by the near total failure of The EUro.

It is worthy of note that the economy has collapsed by around 15% in that time being a sum of around £200 Billion.

How long can we sustain such catastrophic outcomes of the mess left to this Government without taking radical and remedial action – without which it can not be very long hence before the burnt out core of our society as a member of the ravening hoard will be the ONLY chance of feeding – think Mogadishu, Famine & Somalia.

Also we must announce the fact that for survival purposes Britain is closing its borders to the ingress of aliens via The EU and will be steadily reducing its population by repatriating those aliens that were forced upon us as a result of our misguided membership of The EUropean Union.

Our Government should also announce we shall be repatriating all aliens to the EU who are existing on benefits and subsidies and will be billing Countries of origin for all aliens in British prisons and repatriating their families for the care of their native Country until their prison relative has completed their sentence and is likewise repatriated.

Naturally those who are home owners, speak English and are in gainfull employment will after 5 years of such status be entitled to make application to remain.

The British Government should also announce it will be negotiating to repatriate ALL aspects of its Sovereign Independent Democracy, regulation and control of its own borders, agriculture, economy and fisheries.

Similarly it should be announced that Regional Local Government be  it regions such as East Anglia, The South West, Wales, London, The West Midlands or Scotland shal have equal rights over local issues and as much of central Government function will be decentralised with each region bidding on a tender basis to take on the functions of central Government to thus decentralise the residual jobs and duties.

The Government should make it very clear that it will no longer contribute to or be party to any political or regulatory functions of The EU nor continue to pay £48 Million a day for membership of this malign, self serving and damaging centralisation of power and incompetence.

We should announce we are willing to trade with any and all Nations on the planet on an even footing entering into such trade agreements as we see fit, proper and of benefit to these United Kingdoms on terms subject to individual negotiation through our Embassies and will willingly offer preferential terms to those states which wish to make application as members of The Anglosphere to include The Commonwealth of Nations.

Together with a 50% reduction in the size of The British Government and closure of ALL QUANGOs it will of course expose the fact that the Tories inherited an unemployment figure of somewhere between 5 and 8 Million though many were well hidden in the Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy that has been cleverly contrived to seek to hide the fact that many had no meaningful job and also thereby hopefully secure a salary vote in gratitude.

Unsurprisingly the people in the main saw through the scam and resoundingly rejected Labour’s economic illiteracy and fundamental treachery. Save a small army dependent on such charity handouts and unable to face the harsh reality that their persuit of comfort and security without meaningfull responsibility commensurate has rendered them or will shortly render them unemployed.

The deportation of aliens may well suffice to provide real jobs for the work shy who were hidden in Government, nationalised industries and QUANGOs.

Interestingly one contributor to a Forum on which I post said:

Stop passing the buck and blaming other people for the incompitence of tory governments. Perhaps you’d like to open a discussion about the *CUT* storm that Labour inherited in 1974 and 1997?

I felt it reasonable to respond as follows:

Would that be the fact that Labour stated when they had sight of the books having been elected in 1997 that the economic base they had inherited was so sound that they had absolutely no intention of altering anything for at least a couple of years.

Would that be the fact that the economic illiterate Gordon Brown sold 400 metric tonnes of gold for about $250 an ounce when it is currently selling for ober £1,800 an ounce.

Would this be the fact that when The labour Party sold its old Headquarters by use of a loophole in the law they were responsible for they ripped off the public purse by many 10s of £1,000s by not paying the stamp duty you and I would have had to pay.

Would this be the fact that around £270 Million just went walk about unaccountably from the funding of the Dome which seemed to have vanished to family and friends.

Would this be the fact that largely due to deals with their chums the Mittal family and Tatta Britain no longer has a steel industry?

Would this be the fact that having taken over balanced books praised by Labour in 1997 due to their utter economic illiteracy they handed on, when resoundingly voted out of office debts of £4.8 Trillion.

Would this be the fact that when the present Government took over authority they found Labour had left them with a daily interest payment of £120 Million.

Would this be the fact that during the period of the general election when Labour was chucked out they had already agreed to a VAT hike to 20% and the undertaking that by July Britain would announce when it was to be introduced!

Would this be the fact that during the period between being chucked out and the new government taking over Labour utterly dishonestly agreed a deal with their communist friends in The EU that Britain would participate in the bail out of the failed EUro currency which Labour had already spent £Billions propping up.

Would this be the fact that during the labour Government almost 800,000 extra parasites were recruited into Government either as Snivil Cervants or QUANGOs in an attempt to buy a salary vote to keep Labour’s snout in the trough enriching their leadership.

Would this be the fact that from 1997 during those 13 unlucky years of Labour economic illiteracy more public assets were transfered to the private sector than at any time other than during WWII.

Would this be the fact that more Hospitals were sold off to the private sector during those 13 unlucky years than between 1946 when Lord Beverridge’s plan for an NHS was clumsily put in place by a Labour champagne socialist with a card carrying Communist wife and 1997.

I wonder which of this brief list of the facts you would wish to discount to try to pretend that in some way the Tory Party – idiots that they may well be – are in some way responsible for the steadily collapsing value of our currency, the loss of our Manufacturing industry, the demise of the value of The City, the collapse of banking and house prices under Labour, the crass support for the banks etc. etc. – It is beyond doubt that the economic illiteracy of buffoons like Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, Alistair Darling and their ilk.

Damage that was only matched by the staggering incompetence of first MAFF then DEFRA in their handling of the foot and mouth virus for the EU, the handling of lamb exports to france, the handling of BSE, the handling of the government subsidies to help transfer Heckler & Koch to Turket, Rover etc. to Germany, French subsidies to its own aircraft industry, airlines, car industry and transport. The idiocy of the likes of Harriet Dromey (Harman) and her divisive stupidity, the criminality of Peter Haine never seriously brought to book, the lies and treachery of Ron davis, the crimes against humanity and war crimes of Blair and his cabinet.

Just which bit would you wish to claim was in some way caused by The Tories?

Lets not even look at the utter stupidity and corruption of the mikey mouse regional de4volution that has led to Scotland and Wales being no more than one of the 12 regions of Britain that are directly ruled by The EU – Devolution under Labour was an obscene and unscrupulous con.

Perhaps you could explain what it was you tried to present as a ‘Perhaps you’d like to open a discussion about the *CUT* storm that Labour inherited in 1974 and 1997?’

It matters not how many threads you present your threadbare arguments on this particular issue in you clearly have little comprehension of the realities of economics on planet earth!


“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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