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I was referring to the enormous sums of money that swash around football make supermarket accounts look like those of a charity shop (exaggeration for effect but you get the picture).
I would guess that most top players don’t pay all their tax liabiities, instead they shove a lot of it off-shore or declare they are employed by another foreign team. But players and managers don’t employ thousands of people and pay the NI contributions for them as well as their wages or give them a career ladder. In football the players, managers, agents, international bodies of wise men, work in a closed world and are beholden to noone except in some cases, shareholders who like it that way.
Bottom line is that when you criticise large institutions for taking money out of the economic system, of bribery, corruption etc look no further than the world of football.
But what REALLY gets me is that some who jump up and down demanding every penny form large corporations, say nothing over and above the chat over a pint about the huge sums of money mishandled by organisations like FIFA. If another country were caught with their pants down like that the Brits would splash it all over the red tops. Instead they mutter under their breath and pay out hundreds for another season ticket.
So much for a moral stance.
and does it not strike you as third world mentality for a group to “let go” someone clearly guilty of corruption saying that there is no case to answer, then within 48 hours call him corrupt but we have washed our hands of him???????? Don’t mention Old School Tie or Inward Group Protection.
I wonder how much of a golden handshake Johnson got?
If the man on the clapham omnibus wants perfection in his world of work and politics, they should be campaigning on the streets to demand it in a SPORT for heavens’ sake. But no. Blatter knows it will be quietly put away because after all, it is football. Innit?

My Response was


I am not for a moment being dissmissive of your reasoned post, almost all of which I agree with.

You did make an interesting linkage that you may not have intended with The Third World – To take that further: Might it be that as a country slides into third world status it tends to adulate new gods?

Anthem confirms there is an utterly irrational mindset about those dwelling and living in the margins of reality – First he shows Manchester to be very third world with its irrational and ill advised support for the economic illiteracy and Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy of the utterly duplicitous Labour Party (surely on realising the Tories to be no better Manchester may take a more balanced view but I fear not as tribalism is too ingrained in 3rd. world structures!).

Anthem also points out that Tribalism in such a debased society becomes endemic where we start to move into the realms of 4 legs good 2 legs bad intellectual thinking!

You will note that in another of the country’s failed cities we have the same levels of ignorance, confusion and tribalism in Glasgow – so very 3rd. world beset with its beggars in imported cheap and nasty Chinese tartan fabric, incapable of playing their ridiculous doodle sacks to sound remotely like proper bagpipes with their see here Jimmy their vacant drunk/drugged eyes and aggression and the poor bl@@dy dog!

That large swathes of such cities are dragged along by the herd instincts and tribalism of football is unsurprising – the more such societies fail the more people are dragged into the Games and Circuses. Sadly if we learn nothing from history beyond it being ever thus we have at least learned something. The Gladiators are no longer the ‘Champions’ of our society but risible buyins reflecting nothing more than too much money in the hands of the exploiters of the failed society.

To start to understand how these massive swindles against society are conducted in a perfectly legitimate manner – first realise the one area in which politicians fear the people is the organised masses of the tribal pawns!

Are you aware that one of FIFA’s rules is that the host country of any of their tourneys must, before consideration, waive all taxes! The pucillanimous politicians acquiesce, in our names, fearing the confrontation with these modern day corrupt and ruthless war lords and their armies of gullible and manipulable tribal cannon fodder and thus the heroes of the morionic masses avoid paying their dues to the society they milk!

The same goes for boxers, athletes, motor sport etc. etc.

Then on the individual level consider such utterly unprincipled scams as Paul Baxendale Walker‘s who clearly would not aim to break laws nor act other than on the edge of legitimacy as they engineer the rip off of society for the gain of the client see: CLICK HERE – That their offices are in London & Glasgow will not surprise nor their proud boast of when they were eviccerated on TV is now: Paul Baxendale Walker featured on BBC Money Programme – “No tax please, we’re rich!

Nor that their foundation aims top priorities are a tad confrontational stated as:
…the liberty of the individual underwritten by the rule of law
…the primacy of commercial freedom
…the enhancement and protection of wealth
…achieving justice under the law
…the protection of private rights
…the enforcement of state obligations

We implement strategies which provide our clients with a dual advantage:
…maximising wealth by the use of current opportunities
…minimising the potential effect of future risks

It all sounds depressingly like a sales schpiel for Bernie Madoff or The Cappo di Tutti Cappos when offering protection by the 7th. Precinct!

That these practices are legal in our increasingly debased age where we have ever burgeoning proliferation of ill conceived laws imposed from The EU and less and less liberty, self determination, democracy and justice daily can hardly be surprising.

Consider if you were a footballer from the Ivory Coast with a skill of such earth shattering importance that you could kick a ball you could well find yourself whisked away to a 6 figure weekly income where even deducting the bribes and boncellas of agents and the like you could still find yourself with income in the £Millions per annum – next is a visit to the ‘tax consultant’ who for a modest fee with many noughts would advise perhaps that you forgo income and settle for your new found new style mafiossi to pay you in pension contributions – on which not tax is paid – a pension in trust in shall we say Belize, where growth is guaranteed in what looks immensly like a Ponzi Scheme but JUST misses the target!!

To buy a £4M house and 3 super concept sports cars merely borrow money from your tax consultant as repayment of loans and fees on such foreign loans are tax free.

So our wizzard ball kicking semie literate Ivorian now earns what can only be considered a King’s Ransome and plays bat and ball or some such to entertain the moronic mobs in some third world failed city in Britain and not only does he represent NOTHING other than bonded labour (slavery by any other name) but represents nothing relative to the Third World failed city concerned beyond greed and avarice that would make their off shore owners eyes water with something far from remorse!

Whether traffiking in people, drugs or merely cutting to the chase and going after the money is there really any difference in morality?

We must of course concede FIFA is indubitably fit for purpose but that purpose is not one I would wish to aspire to in 1,000 lifetimes – thaose are not principles as we know it Jim!


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