#G390* – LAST MINUTE Dotty Com OR Amazon will do!
If you have time and haven’t quite finished your Christmas shopping hurry and see this gift, which is ideal for an only child to exercise his more dominant and bossy side or for the whole family to learn so much more about each other, with the searches and the latex gloves provided. Grandad will particularly like the memories shown on the screen of the body scanner with its high definition animated photo realism and can have hours of fun.
We suggest you read all the customer reviews and related gifts to get the most out of this wonderful new age – New World Order Toy.
Regrettably delivery WILL be late, many parts WILL be broken and even with the costly insurance and humungous postage it will keep Dad occupied well into February puzzling out both how to fix it and how to claim on the insurance giving an entirely new dimension to the toy which we do not believe the manufacturers had thought of.

Do read the many very helpful customer reviews as you scroll down.

Greg L-W.

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Greg L-W.
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