I know some people own fire arms but this is something less final to think about
If you don’t have a pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle, here’s a more humane way to wreck someone’s evil plans for you. 

Wasp Spray:
The wasp spray, they told her, can shoot up to 5 to 12 feet away and is a lot more accurate, while with the pepper spray, they have to get too close to you and could overpower you. The wasp spray temporarily blinds an attacker until they get to the hospital for an antidote. Keep a can on the desk in the office and it doesn’t attract attention from people as a can of pepper spray would. Also keep one nearby at home for home protection.

I thought this was interesting and might be of use.  

Look to the spray. “That’s going to give you a chance to call the police; maybe get out.” Maybe even save a life.

Please share this with all the people who are precious to your life.

Good to take on walks, will take care of dogs.

Did you also know that wasp spray will kill a snake? And a mouse! 
It will!

Good to know? 

If you have a problem with wasps I’m told it will kill them too!

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The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

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