I was asked on a Forum if I believed the NHS should bribe smokers to give up and the gross and obese to lose weight – this reply may give you pause for thought:


I like many became a smoker oblivious to any risk in the days when politicians, nurses, news personalities, doctors and sportsmen smoked, even on TV and at work. Doctors openly smoked in hospitals and surgeries.

I’d been smoking cigarettes from about 1958 and was without a doubt an unwitting adict even in the army all ranks smoked openly.

Then I collapsed a lung and it HURT – a doctor said to me ‘you think this is painful try lung cancer have you thought of giving up smoking?’

There is something compelling in being in ICU connected up to drains and vacuum pumps on pethadine having had an op in reception because you would be dead if they took the time to get to a surgery!

I did point out that spontaneous pnemothorax happened mostly to male caucasian non smokers above average fitness under 25 – he laughed and said – yep but lung cancer ALWAYS happens to smokers with a few notable exceptions.

I gave up cigarettes as I saw the point, but I was an adict – so for almost 30 years I smoked cigars and laughed and claimed smoking 1/2 coronas I’d get a better class of lung cancer – but I was still an adict.

An adict created BY the society which positioned a cigarette machine at every junction on the edge of the school grounds and did VERY little about smoking and most of the masters smoked.

The same at Peninsular Barracks (I’m never sure if it should be peninslar after the War or peninsula after where it happened!) fag machines and the NAAFI etc. Then at Beaconsfield The NAAFI at Sandhurs machines, the shop and the NAAFI – I guess by then you are HOOKED.

Should the NHS have treated my major organ cancer when I presented with symptoms in Nov-1998? Or should they have said bog off you are a smoker and left me to die?

Fortunately they did what they could and smking cigars even today they are uncertain what caused the Kidney Cancer – I still laugh and say I got a better class of cancer either way QUIT NOW IF YOU ARE A SMOKER – Phone me I’ll help.

I gave up the day I went into hospital to get cut in half but don’t wait till then statistics are against you!

I’ve paid for my smoking almost every waking moment since my op. and it stops me sleeping much of the time too – hence I post through the night!

I also run a casual help line for urological cancers ‘cos I learned a bit about them first hand and I’ve learned a lot about dying since and helping people on that journey – we’re all going to do it but DON’T choose cancer QUIT SMOKING NOW.

That is all the bribe the NHS should give – if you wish to continue and choose to die they should treat you.

People dying cost the state about £100,000 whether they do it in a hurry smeared down the tarmac, time and decrepitude or terminal illness it is about the same.

The government makes a loss if you are under 40 as you get out of paying 25 years of tax and they make a loss as you pass 65 ‘cos then they have had to pay you back some of your money as pension.

If you can’t QUIT give me a shout as amongst other things I supply ‘e’Cigarettes with Niall & Peter who have the UK franchise and I help out as a friend.

By the way it saves you loadsa dosh too!

If you want details use ‘e’Mail not PM I’m useless at checking and responding to PM ;-(

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), 

Greg L-W.
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