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Christopher STORY  born in 1938 died peacefully at home on 14-July-2010 after a short illness.

His family are grateful for their privacy at this sad time. 

I am particularly distressed to hear this sad news as Christopher and I have been in regular contact over almost 20 years and would often spend over an hour AND MORE on the phone as we shared certain contacts and information and had common interests – I will miss those conversations and his councel on many issues.

Christopher’s contacts with Chepstow go back to his childhood as his grandparents lived, in a house I knew, on the hill overlooking the town.

My thoughts are with his wife and daughters at this difficult time.

I understand  aspects of his business and publishing will continue – there may be a brief delay in dispatch of order from: World Reports Limited • Edward Harle Limited • Global Analysis Limited

You may wish to know Christopher a little better and may find the interview of him regarding his views on The Perestroika Deception in 1995 of interest, which you will find in two parts at CLICK HERE – Christopher was not just a fund of information but a towering intellect we will ALL miss, particularly those of us who had the opportunity to know this true gentleman who so diffidently met with fools as he kept his councel, never wishing to offend.

A gentleman to his fingertips does not gainsay his willingness to back his decisions and stand his ground with resolution and courage. A thinker, a global finance expert who knew the deals that brokered the money of our planet – a heavy burden which made powerful enemies as he would tollerate no corruption nor suffer fools in high places.

Christopher was an author, publisher and distributor of a host of periodicals and books of prodigious specialisation.

Where he found his energy I doubt any of us will ever know just as it is probable his wife and daughters will never realise just how much he treasured and admired them. He always spoke of them and it was always with pride and passion whenever I spoke with him.

We will miss Christopher Story, his knowledge, which is unreplaceable and praise be so much was committed to paper but as a friend that would never be salvageable merely on paper.

Lee and I will remember Christopher with respect and fondness as a friend, though distant.


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I take the liberty of posting the EUlogy of another friend of mine of many years standing Ashley Mote MEP (rtd.) and his association with Christopher – which I do so endorse!

1 August 2010
Tribute to Christopher Story

Tribute to Christopher Story

By Ashley Mote

Only a day or so ago I finally heard that my distinguished friend Christopher Story died on 14th July 2010 (Bastille Day – the symbolism of which would not have been lost on him). He apparently suffered liver failure.

He had been complaining of not feeling well for some months, had recently skipped a trip to the USA and had lost a good deal of weight since Christmas. It is entirely possible his death was from natural causes.

The world is a much poorer place for his passing. I mourn his loss as I would mourn the loss of a brother. He was the staunchest champion of all that was honest and upright in life, a courageous investigative journalist, an indefatigable writer, an audacious publisher, and a powerful intellect.

I have lost a true friend whose company and integrity I valued beyond words. His loss is truly devastating.

Over the last decade or so, ever since I became actively involved in European politics, I have met and had dealings with an extraordinary number of extraordinary people. To be frank, some I loathed.

But the company of many others was hugely stimulating, greatly valued, and much enjoyed. Christopher Story was right at the top of that list.

I first met Christopher at a Bruges Group meeting in the days when they were held on the top floor of a cramped London pub. We immediately sensed a mutual liking for each other and met regular from that time on. We had been due to meet for lunch a few days hence.

Far more important than our meetings, however, was the rapid development of our continuous exchange of information by emails, telephone and snail mail – which we quickly found to be by far the safest means of communication. Both of us knew our lines were tapped. Sometimes we deliberately traded information just to let whoever was listening know what we knew! Or to mislead…!

Christopher Story had the energy of a man half his age. He regularly wrote more words in a day than I might write in a week or more. His range of knowledge and experience of the global financial markets and – much more importantly – the power broking that went on behind it, was utterly breathtaking at times. His regular newsletters – International Currency Review, Economic Intelligence Review, Global Analyst, Soviet Analyst, Arab-Asian Affairs, Eastern Europe Analyst, World Reports, and several other occasional titles – to say nothing of his many books based of these newsletters, might have been the work of ten men.

But Christopher researched, wrote, designed, printed and distributed every one of them himself, with the aid of a handful of others whom he knew could be trusted. He was a one-man, self-appointed, self-financing, international investigation agency which specialised in researching the deployment and accountability of public money, the manipulation of currencies, and power laundering by the world’s ruling elites.

This work took him into some of the most dangerous places on earth – not just geographically, but intellectually as well. As a result he made many powerful enemies. They all knew that when he found a racketeering spade, whoever it was, he would call him a bloody shovel, and publish that news to the whole world – or at least to those willing to listen. For most of the world’s media, his conclusions and commentaries were far too hot for them to handle – hence the self-publication.

Much of Christopher’s best investigative work was done in the USA, where he had highly valued internal sources of information within the Federal Reserve Bank, the CIA, and within the financial and political communities as a whole. At times, he became personally and dangerously embroiled in some of the financial trails he was following, on occasion at his consideration personal risk. He was a truly brave man.

The common thread running through all Christopher Story did could be encapsulated in a single phrase – the misuse of power! Indeed it was he who sparked one of my own more memorable epithets – ‘those attracted to power are the least suitable to wield it’.

One of my earliest meetings with Christopher was in Oxford, near his home, when he took the greatest pleasure in showing me around his old college. He was immensely proud of having graduated at Oxford University, and rightly so. It had instilled or reinforced that innate and shining honesty that distinguished all he did.

In later years we more usually met in Brussels, when he came to visit the European Parliament for a day or two. Often these trips were carefully timed to coincide with meetings of the Budget Control Committee, on which I had a seat, and when I planned to raise issues briefed by him beforehand. Sometimes he admitted later to having the greatest difficulty sitting at the back, in the public gallery, trying hard to suppress his urge to intervene.

Perhaps the best and by far the most famous question I ever raised in the European Parliament was based entirely on a briefing by Christopher Story. It concerned the Global Security Fund. Like all speeches in a plenary session it was recorded on videotape and can now be found on literally scores of websites around the world. Even today, almost five years later, new postings of that one-minute speech are regularly uncovered by the Google search-engine.

This was what I said :

“Mr President, I wish to draw your attention to the Global Security Fund, set up in the early 1990s under the auspices of Jacob Rothschild. This is a Brussels-based fund and it is no ordinary fund: it does not trade, it is not listed and it has a totally different purpose. It is being used for geopolitical engineering purposes, apparently under the guidance of the intelligence services. I have previously asked about the alleged involvement of the European Union’s own intelligence resources in the management of slush funds in offshore accounts, and I still await a reply. To that question I now add another: what are the European Union’s connections to the Global Security Fund and what relationship does it have with European Union institutions?”

At the time, with the House almost empty as usual, I got no reply. Later I asked a near-identical written question, the answer to which understandably told us precisely nothing. After all, how could Brussels’ elite bureaucrats admit that they had a hand in a gigantic illegal trust fund? It was estimated by undercover overseas financial investigators at 65 trillion dollars, we knew it had been set-up for ‘Illuminati rainy days’ and when needed in a crunch situation for bribery, state-inspired black operations and activities to divert attention from the world’s banking and political mafia.

Christopher’s original briefing also told me that, “while the fund is cloaked in secrecy” it was made possible by the US Federal Reserve banking system. However I decided, in the context of the EU, not to follow up that potential second line of attack.

No wonder there is still so much interest in that original question. It was possibly the first occasion anyone had mentioned the existence of the Global Security Fund in any public arena, anywhere.

It would be an entirely appropriate and well-deserved tribute to Christopher Story’s life’s work if, one day, the truth finally emerges about the Global Security Fund and those responsible for the monumental misuse of public funds are finally exposed and brought to book.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to mourn the loss of a true friend, and there no greater tribute I can pay Christopher Story than describing him thus.

(PS: Two requests and a question:

If anyone knows how to communicate this tribute to any of Christopher Story’s family, I would be most grateful. I have been unable to make contact since the news of his passing broke.

Also, I would also be glad to know about any memorial service planned in his honour.

Question : What, if anything, is to be done Christopher’s massive and priceless collection of private papers? Whilst this is understandably not the right time to focus on the question, I feel I must at least raise it in the wider public interest.)

Click http://www.ashleymote.co.uk to visit the site now.


Christopher’s entry in Wiki CLICK HERE

Christopher Edward Harle Story FRSA (1938 – 14 July 2010)

Christopher was a British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs, who is best known for his collaboration with KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception. Christopher Story, the son of Colonel Henry Harle Story MC of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

Christopher was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford, and then worked as an industrial writer in Canada.

In 1963, he formed his own publishing company specialising in intelligence and founded World Reports Limited in 1963.

Since 1970, he has edited and published International Currency Review, which includes the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England amongst its subscribers.

He became an economic adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and a year after her resignation he purchased the respected Soviet Analyst, whose previous editors include Robert Conquest and Tibor Szamuely, due to his continued scepticism about Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika and the official version of events in the Soviet Union.

In May 1992, he was approached by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who supported Story’s analysis in Soviet Analyst, and handed over to Story his memoranda to the CIA, which Story edited and published as The Perestroika Deception in 1995.

In 2002, Story published The European Union Collective, which applied Story’s analysis to the European Union.

He is also critical of the German intelligence establishment, pointing out its Nazi origins.

In the book, he equates the current situation in Europe to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact before World War II.

He describes both world wars as “the two Illuminati Wars.”

He also claims that former British Prime Minister Edward Heath was “recruited by the Nazis before the war” and was an agent of the “the secret Nazi strategic continuum since exposed as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau.”

Other historical parallels, according to Christopher Story, include:

• 9/11 = the Reichstag Fire;

• What he describes as the unprovoked invasion of Iraq (a bank raid) = Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia;

• What he describes as the US Generals’ feckless inactivity in the face of this madness = the ambivalence of General Alfred Jodl and the German General Staff;

• The threat to attack Iran = Hitler’s intended aggression against Poland.

Story was most recently writing a book on the Wanta crisis. (See Leo Wanta). Originally a staunch supporter of the controversial CIA operative, Story started in 2008 to expose Leo/Lee Emil Wanta as a consummate professional deceiver in a series of articles posted on his website www.worldreports.org.

 You will note in Ashley Mote’s tribute to his colleague he used the curious wording ‘It is entirely likely that his death was due to natural causes’ this begs the question ‘it is entirely likely that Christopher’s death was NOT due to natural causes’, an entirely plausible hypothesis so please bear with me, and having like many of us lost a friend and mentor, permit me to hypothesise.

You may believe it lacks good taste to hypothesise on the demise of a friend but may I then draw your attention to the beliefs of Diogenes relative to the over due reverence of a body once its incumbent had no further use of it! It is entirely apposite that we might speculate upon his demise for it was to just such speculation that Christopher himself so dedicated his life – whether the slaughter of a currency or a demise of liberty, whether the diminution of democracy or the betrayay of political trust.

Christopher was a man of principle, ethics, loyalty and above all integrity and so in integrity to his principles and integrity speculation is entirely apposite.

Consider Christopher’s chosen swimming pool and the size of some of the sharks therein – of course it is entirely possible that his demise was not entirely without suspicion and the probability that he had made enemies both willing and able to administer the correct toxins is entirely probable, not just possible.

Let us start with a few strange incidents before fleshing out the bare bones of speculation.

We should remember that as far as any of us knew or had reason to believe Christopher was fundamentally fit and at 72 with no known malladies in todays Britain an expectation of another 10 years was entirely reasonable with his social background giving him better than normal prospects – yet on his return from his last American ‘sortie’ he complained of being unwell – and it is a little late to emulate Spike Milligan and demand a grave stone inscribed:

‘I Told You I Wasn’t Well’

Clearly that answers no questions!

This question is typical of a number I have received and represents something I had noticed:

Hi Greg – Do you know what happened – the previous but withdrawn letter before his announced death said he had been inflicted with an horrible disease – will World Reports continue or has it been subverted?

The answer is of course strictly NO, however I and others had noticed his dirth of postings and his failure to returne calls, which was unlike him as I had not received the last few expected calls.

I too noticed the message to which my quoted correspondent alludes but to my shame I did not immediately dive to the phone and then there was silence!

It was not until last Thursday that I heard the rumour Christopher had died – I merely thought that was uncharacteristically deep cover even for Christopher – until yet another call bringing to my attention the VERY brief announcement on his web site.

Is it too fancifull to believe that Christopher Story was assasinated – I would opine NOT. I can not claim KNOWLEDGE nor FACT, but much of Christopher’s work was based upon ‘floating an idea’ with a view to see what ripples and splashes might be noted!

Gossip in the intel. world would have us believe that 41 authorised the sanction and CIA sources lay ultimate blame at the door of the DVD.

That Bush 41 is widely attributed then it seems clear that Obama is unlikely to have clean hands as we must remember the sourcing of much of his funding has been through high level ‘deals’ with the utterly amoral money men, such as George Soros who many will be aware has shorted a number of today’s ‘difficult’ currencies. It is always usefull to have a ruthless and unscrupulous Billionaire on side!

It was men such as these that Christopher Story with his ethical upbringing, which interestingly distanced him from many of his contempories at Eton and Christ Church, a moral and intellectual honesty which made Christopher such a damned fine investigative journalist and financial analyst of international stature, but the storm always takes the tall trees – it was also what made him such fine conversation over many happy hours testing theories be they on Edward Heath’s Nazi conversion before the war of which he was convinced, or financing of The Panama Canal, whether on the subject of The Moral Majority and its metamorphosis as a Communist construct, which incidentally operates out of Oxfour with its clandestine agenda of betrayal of these United Kingdoms through Fabianism, The Rowntree Trust, Free Masons,The Tavistock Institute, Alpha Course and more.

Then we have the New World Order, The Tri Lateral Commission, Skull & Bones, Council on Foreign relations, Bilderbergers, Davos, IMF, The Frankfurt School,The Cathars, The Knights of Malta.

Then of course there is The Fed., Chase, Lehman and many another two bit scheister seizing his chance as a professional gambler in a pin stripe suit with delusions of grandure as he stuffs his pockets in return for no service rendered whether scum like Blair, as they make their Millions or the Rumsfeld, Cheyney Bush triumvirate that seemingly can ground a Pan Am passenger plane carrying evidence gathered against them.

One could muse for many hours as to whose specific apple cart Christopher had, in his honesty, caused sufficient risk to make his absence more convenient – might it have been The Trilats who proffered sanction with Francis Maude & o’Donnall – the pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place but it would be foolish to leave out The Per5estroika connection with his finger not just keeping the temperature in every pot Christopher also from time to time waggled his fingers to stir the pot!

Might Mandelson, Presscot, Straw and the communist core of New Labour have had a hand.

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Even now we note Intel. are scurrying like cockroaches reviewing COMINT to seek to verify who is in the loop.
Read Christopher’s revelations with care and you will note they threatened the very roots of The Franco German EUro, as he got inexorably closer to the stolen funds used to underpin it, and the German leveraged MTN trading run back to back to avoid audit trails in being off lines of credit.
Considering just how dedicated are our political betrayers to The EUro with Presscot, Blair, Brown, Straw and minions like Darling having shown their willingness to buy into the concept with every last cent of OUR money and now the boy Dave and the gullible wee Osborne jumping through every hoop that Maude and Clarke provide.

That maintaining the EUro is a cause for murders, wars and assasinations is beyond doubt and well within the remit.

We have witnessed a war in Iraq for many years with no purpose but to ensure supremacy of the US Dollar as the global reserve currency of choice – now all these years later Britain has no exit or survival strategy for when the EU collapses but worse still we have been made the target of terrorists by the crass and duplicitous behaviour of our political elite, exacerbated by their aiding of the obscenities of Zionism.

The DVD may well have asked for Christopher’s ‘departure’, the planning may well have coincided with the plans for the destruction of democracy and the grab for power at any price of the boy Dave and The Cleggerons! Could it have been a prerequisite of so corrupt a deal passing muster under the terms of the unutterably corrupt Franco German dictatorship in EUrope which is so bereft of democratic principles and dependent on over paid puppets fronting for the smoke and mirrors.
We must never loose sight of the irrefutable fact that not only had Christopher an uncanny knack of 20/20 vision in smoke but A1 perception amongst the mirrors – a man much feared by the dishonest and the corrupt who made many enemies and perhaps we should be gratefull that they would seem to have achieved their aim peacably unlike Pan Am 103 or Korean Airways KAL007 perportedly over Sakhalin island but more likely as it had overflown Simushir on the Kurul Ridge at the edge of the Sea of Okhotsk with the top secred submarine base in the flooded calderra!
Out of the direct loop it is hard to take more than a view as for an opinion access to the raw data stream would be needed and that was where Christopher had built his world expertise in the torrent, flow, ebb and sunami of the data stream! Not a place to make friends one can trust as there is every reason to believe was his last lesson to us!

Intel. will not only take a view but form an opinion and if they apply the Hydrich principle we may see further ‘difficulties’ and ‘drownings’ of those swimming in the data stream amongst the sharks and Puffer Fish.

Interestingly, despite the evidence, febrile as it is, neither the police of coroner in Buckinghamshire had taken an interest but they have now been advised of the possibilities and probabilities and we hope will carry out their duty – fortunately it was not a cremation.
Liver damage is an outcome of both chemical and biological toxins, as are some nerve agents. There is every reason to believe the chatter in Intel that Christopher Story was just one moth that had flown too close to the flame and in The Zen of black flames an enemy too many is easy to find particularly when crossing a DVD favoured project at a time of instability.
 No part of Obama’s strange route to power would directly be a cause for such an assassination but be minded of the recent strange loan of $2B to a Brazilian off shore drilling oil interest – one wonders why when one discovers they are supplying the entire output on contract to China, one is forced to ponder what is the net sum gain for the citizens of America who have so generously had their money donated but it is then one discovers the smoke and mirrors conceal the real beneficiary and why are we not surprised to find it is one George Soros – it was just such power plays that Christopher made a habit of exposing.

Big exposures make big enemies!

The Funds transfer Christopher had done so much work on and exposed has seemingly been blocked by Bush 41 and Obama with their interests and team. Clearly there were efforts made by 41’s players over many years to discredit Christopher but none truelly succeeded though in hind sight his Erie PA contact and a source in Washington could well have been black ops with a dubious feed!

That Christopher, a towering intellect and a pivotal figure in global finance has merely slid out of life with no fanfare seems all too Diogenistic and in view of the ‘chatter’ that no over reassurance was offered may give grounds for more rigorous toxicology and surely a man of this stature is deserving of greater gratitude of our Country whom he spent so many hours seeking to preserve, be that at the level of Margaret Thatcher’s advisers or seeking to provide fact not fantasy to conspiracy theorists – Christopher was at ease with both audiences for as Kipling said:

‘IF you can walk with Kings
Nor loose the common touch
You’ll be a man my son.’

Somewhat impertinent of me when he was both older and hugely wiser than I will ever be!

This is a death, whether of natural causes or as a matter of someone’s version of State Security, a death which clearly requires considerably more attention than it has received to date.

IF it were to be established this was a State execution the enormity of what lies behind it must reasonably be seen as to vie, in importance, with that of Lincoln, Arch Duke Ferdinand, JFK, Tsar Alexander or similar as it is of global significance as it may provide the cover for the secretion of the Wanta funds and the missing Taiwanese money of Chiang Kai-Shek, from the Nankin Dynasty formerly controlled by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and so promptly deposited in the West to avoid invasion by Mau Tse Dung.

It is such $Trillions that Christopher tracked exposing those who sought to steal it.

This is a man who deserves reinterment with State honours at his alma mater Christ Church, or at least a well publicised memorial service.

Astonishingly Christopher was for all his intellect a very humble and self efacing man nervous in a crowd and near terrified of a public platform – a devout Christian sufficiently convinced that he had absolutely no insecure need to either boast of it or seek to convince others. 
Due to my own experiences we had spoken of death and although he did not welcome its prospects he had neither cause nor did he fear it. He would not have gone easy into that long good night for whenever it arrived Christopher would have had an unfinished project!

In reitterating my earlier and immediate sentiments not only of loss in selfish terms but loss to my Country and loss to the body of intellect I do indeed offer my unreserved condollences to his wife, daughters and family at large.
Yet because of Christopher’s importance to us all I am forced to echo Ashley Mote’s sentiments of hope that his work will continue and his archive be secured.
Would that I could afford all his books! (Would that I could understand half of them!!).


Christopher Story murdered, other journalists targeted in new fascist campaign.
Prominent veteran financial journalist Edward Harle (working under the pen name Christopher Story) wrote before his recent death that……………………………………………………………..