As I recall today, on the very day yet another brutal bullying oaff in the police was let of being charged with murder having, clearly and undeniably on film, assaulted and brutalised a passing stranger a Mr. Ian Tomlinson as I recall – an assault that directly and irrefutably caused his death in a manner that that very same police coward would have been only too gleeful to arrest, brutalise and prosecute you or I for murder which would indubitably have been upheld by his police force – The Metropolitan Police and the CPS.

It is interesting to note not a single solitary member of the public carrying out their democratic right to voice their protest has shown the slightest sign of aggression, nor posed ANY kind of threat to the aggressive and unpleasant behaviour of the Met.

Interestingly not a single sign of aggression can be seen even when the Sargeant who carried out the assault that killed Ian Tomlinson smashed the middle aged paper seller with his hand in his pockets to the ground in the most violent, cowardly and utterly gratuitous attack from behind.

It is sadly clear that the British Police are completely out of control and just chav murder squads roaming our streets in their own interest looking for and provoking aggression with their own vile behaviour, again a video showing absolutely no aggression from the lawfully protesting citizens – watch the police trying to create a fight and the 6foot + Police Sargeant repeatedly striking the pregnant woman HE is not alone!

The British Police need serious retraining, competent leadership and reminding that they are OUR servants:

It was on this very day that the anniversary of the murder of another innocent man took place due to a similar lack of training, poor discipline, endemic brutality, attrocious leadership, incompetent use of firearms by the murderer in the fire arms Metropolitan Police hit squad under the crass and incompetent control of Cressida Dick.

The murdered man whose anniversary it was was Jean Charles de Menenez who was culpably murdered not only was no Police Officer ever prosecuted for the murder but the murderer was sent on holiday with his family overseas as a reward before resuming his right to murder with impunity in the armed division of the Metropolitan police and his commanding officer was rewarded for her part in the murder with a promotion.

Let us not forget that in the last 50 years 1,000 people have died in Police custody!

Interestingly when Patrick Nichols MP asked a question in the House of Commons for me:

1. Has any life ever been provably saved, of an uninvolved individual by the use of a police fire arm.?

2. Is it true that the British Police have ordered and hold 27,000 Heckler & Koch machine action firearms?

3. Is it true that the British Police have ordered and hold 17,500 Winchester Pump Action shotguns?

The official answer of The Home Office was we do not have a record centrally of these details and it is the decision of the independent constabulary regions to decide their requirement for firearms!

The Home Office was unable to identify a single life saved by having an armed police force.

It is interesting that, although I do not personally agree the decision, Britain has by due democratic process, in as far as one exists in Britain, voted that we shall NOT have a process leading to execution in our Courts.

We have decided that it is not acceptable, wise as I believe it to be, that with due process, the leading of evidence and debate and the presentation of defence and debate a decision shall not be made by 12 citizens as to whether guilt beyond all reasonable doubt, such that a Judge may pass a Death sentence shall be an accepted form of punishment for certain prescribed heinous crimes.

Yet arbitrarilly it is permissable for poorly trained, ill disciplined, badly led, out of control police oaffs are able to shoot and kill selected victims on our streets and in their homes without facing the courts – Murder is thus a declared part of Police policy.

You will note on one of my blogs http://GL-W.blogspot.com I have listed some 37 police murders and in not a single solitary murder by the police has the murderer or his commanding officer been prosecuted for the murder!

Surely this is an integral part of defining a Country as a Police State where the Police may murder the citizenry with absolute impunity!

For further examples CLICK HERE & HERE there are many more examples of Police Murders that went unpunished, with 2 out of every 5 Police who are found guilty of a serious crime retaining their job, just search >POLICE< on this blog to start with!

Let us not forget that in the last 50 years 1,000 people have died in Police custody!That is more people killed by the police in Britain than deaths of British soldiers in Irag AND Afghanistan put together!


Greg L-W.