#G268* – Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?
For the last three decades there has been a lot of discussion on the subject of global warming, and the cause has been sat firmly in the lap of Industrialisation and the pollution of the atmosphere as a by-product of this process.
Billions have been spent by Governments, companies and even individuals during this time as their part in alleviating this perceived threat to our future, but the simple fact is the perceived evidence is all circumstantial, there is actually no direct evidence, no smoking gun, no sign saying “ I told you so”. Much of the evidence has been tailored to fit the hypothesis, or so it would seem, with funding for research under increasing competition and tighter budgets, it would be little wonder if many of the researchers have been blinded to allow the evidence to fit their theory to coincide with their way of thinking, their research project and most importantly, the financial considerations of maintaining a research grant.
This statement should not be taken as questioning the research of every scientist in their field, or that any deliberate attempt to mislead has occurred, scientists are human like the rest of us, they make mistakes, they lean toward their own way of thinking and have a nasty habit of ignoring the little bits of evidence that do not fit their theory, especially if they question otherwise supposedly established facts.
That global warming has occurred is not the issue, it has in the past, it may be occurring now, and it certainly will occur in the future, as has global cooling, however, the question that we need answered is this, “Is the activities of Man the cause of Global warming as has been claimed in the last two decades, if not, what is the cause, and what can we do about it?”
I don’t want readers to think I am in the pay of some large organisation bent on reversing the drive by the International community in the form of the Kyoto Treaty, there are very many reasons for the actions in this treaty to be taken, Global warming is, in my opinion, the least of the problems. The health benefits of not pouring millions of tonnes of noxious pollutants into the atmosphere cannot be understated, and as such the progress made so far needs to be expanded upon still further. There can never be a substitute for clean, pollutant free air.
Whilst the Kyoto Treaty is a good thing and should be continued, it must be done for the right reasons, reasons we can readily identify with. Of course many will claim that there are health effects to global warming, the most obvious being skin cancers, however if we spend Billions over the next few decades addressing a problem that is natural, then we have missed the boat, we would be far better off spending those Billions improving the environment for health reasons alone, and a few more to counteract the natural process threatening our world.
Overwhelmingly the message seems to be coming out that there has been a massive misinterpretation of the evidence and “facts” and what we are seeing is simply a natural variation in the cycle of the planet. We should not forget that the Earth is much warmer than it was from around 1450 to about 1850, a period known as the little Ice Age, however it is also much colder than the period from about 900 to 1150, known as the Medieval Warm Period, where grapes for wine were grown as far north as Tyneside. During the Roman occupation, there is evidence that grapes may have been grown as far north as modern Edinburgh, possibly further.
There is evidence that parts of Queen Maud (Dronning Maud) Land in Antarctica may have actually been Ice free up to about 6000 BCE (Before Current Era), and if this is the case then the trans-Antarctic current, which stops warm water from the tropics reaching this part of Antarctica must have either stopped or been overwhelmed. Research has already proved that Western Antarctica, that includes Queen Maud Land has undergone repeated periods of de-glaciation during interglacial periods that had CO² concentrations higher than today with MGT’s about 3°C higher than today
Environmentalists know very little about how the planet works, about how it interacts with the Moon, the Sun and how the gravity of Jupiter has an impact on our planet’s motion about the Sun, that will also impact our climate. They do not understand that the collision of India into Asia, resulting in the Pamir-Hindu-Kush and the Tibetan uplands resulted in a massive climatic shift over millions of years that appears to have been responsible for the sudden climate shift about 2.5 million years ago that led to the modern period of Glaciation events that have come and gone about 10 times in that period.
They ignore the fact that the last period of Glaciation started some 74,000 years ago, coincidently with the eruption of the last super volcanic eruption (Toba) which would have resulted in a massive cooling of the planet.
The simple truth is there is no definitive evidence for anthropomorphic Global warming, but plenty of evidence for naturally induced fluctuations in the mean global temperature of the planet, and even periods when CO² level were higher than is the case today and even when they were not, the Earth has had many periods of higher temperatures.
Carbon Dioxide levels have fluctuated too over the course of Earth’s history
And the almost religious belief that CO² alone causes temperature change in the atmosphere is shot down by geological evidence that many Environmentalist like to ignore.
Here is a graph giving similar information.
You can see that from the above there is more evidence for natural global climate variation than anthropogenic change.

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