as we wait the unfolding disaster of the EU election where the peoples of these United Kingdoms have clearly and unequivocally withdrawn their mandate from Politicians to represent us and betray us by continuing with their greed and ambitions to develope the New World Order.

65% of the voting population of these United Kingdoms withdrew their mandate – THEY REFUSED to vote for the corruption of the EU.

Of the remaining 35% maximum who did vote more than 10% DID NOT vote in favour of The New World Order Globalism of The TRI Lateral Commission with its 3 great power blocks – over 70% of the peoples of these United Kingdoms rejected membership of The EU one of those 3 Power blocks.

Britain’s population has refused to endorse the EU or Britain’s membership of The EU – The peoples have followed their ancestors and at the start of June 65 years after The Normandy Landings when Britain and her alies sacrificed so much to prevent the attempt to form the obscene concept of a centralised EUropean Union just as we had in 1914 before.

Our Politicians have no mandate to continue the project.

Converting a Eurosceptic? A glimmer of hope
October 7, 2008
I had a conversation with a virulently eurosceptic Brit recently (one of many). I’ve had similar conversations with Daily Mail reader types – the sort of people who claim things along the lines of “political correctness has run amok, the country’s going down the drain, immigrant paedophile junkies are roaming our streets etc” – and in these cases, I smile politely and try to make a hasty retreat. This eurosceptic, on the other hand, was bright, open-minded and well-read, so surely ripe for conversion?!

To cut a very long story short, the notions of pooled sovereignty, interdependence as a means to maintain peace etc had absolutely no effect on him. And when I ummed and aahed when he asked me whether it was really true that France was holding the EU hostage over agricultural policy, I thought he really was a lost cause. However, I eventually came up with two last-gasp arguments which he lapped up and which I’d advise all europhiles to use on British eurosceptics.

First was my mention of the euromyths section on the website of the European Commission Representation in the UK, which contains scores of untruths reported by the British media, demonstrating the tactics used by pretty much all national papers apart from the Guardian in their reporting. These tactics range from outright lying, to taking a regulation and finding the most preposterous application for it (even though the regulation is NOT intended for that purpose AT ALL), to passing off something done by another European body/European country/international organisation, then misrepresenting it AND saying the EU is responsible, even if it has absolutely no affiliation to the other body in question. My eurosceptic friend was understandably astonished that the media would misrepresent the truth to this extent, and promised that he’d read up on euromyths and take reports on supposedly scandalous activities of the EU with a pinch of salt in future.

Second, was my assertion that the UK is actually very well represented in Brussels, which came as a great surprise to my eurosceptic friend, as Brits are obviously so focused on the misplaced notion that the EU is all about giving away power to faceless foreign bureaucrats. When told that, in actual fact, plenty of Brits occupy major posts in important Directorates-General at the European Commission; that many British MEPs are very active and head important committees; and most of all, that the lobbying industry, from consultancies, to in-house, to NGOs and trade associations, have an utterly disproportionate number of Brits at the helm, he seemed headed for conversion.

I have not spoken to my eurosceptic friend since, and he may very well in retrospect have thought I was speaking absolute cobblers. Nonetheless, I’ll be trying out these arguments again.


greglw Says:

June 7, 2009 at 1:42 am


though I can well understand your position as a Danish Italian domicile in Britain – identity is likely to be something of a myth for you – so little to clutch onto, so little to be proud of, so little that you can give the world.

That you resort to the BILLIONS spent on propaganda by Margot Walstrom’s department having taken Goebbels’s’ role as Minister for Propaganda is hardly surprising.

Yes the EU squanders obscene amounts of money failing to prove its case.

Let us look simply at the benefits of Governance with a light touch as servants of the people – rather than legislation on everything from the curvature of bananas (Yes it does exist, though currently attempts are being made to repeal it – as with cucumbers, now sold cut in half to avoid the idiocy of EU Law!) – to forcing through The Galileo programme which has already failed as its encoding was so poor that students in America broke its coding with parts bought from ‘Tandy’.

Then we have the massively over priced and utterly useless EUro Fighter neither bomber nor fighter without a decent HUD nor ability to corner at speed (due to fuel ’slosh’) and designed for the wars of yester year which NATO managed to steer the countries of Europe through without conflict.

Perhaps you can identify a benefit of the communist styled centralised largely undemocratic EU (before you pretend to democracy just count the Lobbyists who KNOW they can tamper with legislation and diktat via the unelected bureaucrats).

Just what gain is there in a one size fits all that costs Britain £1,800,000 per hour for no meaningful gain.

As a homeless Danish Italian I do understand why you feel lost.

Greg L-W.

To view the original exchange CLICK HERE

Then again he probably hasn’t listened to the vile and self serving Communist/Fabian maunderings of Gordon Brown:

Gordon Brown New World Order Speech

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s betrayal of Britain as he espouses the communist aims of the Elite’s Plan for a One World Totalitarian Socialist State, the Globalazation Agenda for a New World Order.


Gordon Brown gives an agreed statement on what the G20 members had agreed to.
The odious Gordon Brown is actually pleased to announce a New World Order is emerging!

So very redolent of the same ideas in 1939, the 1000 year Third Reich.

Consider the massive price Britain paid to save Continental Europe from this obscenity in 1914 and again in 1939 – it it any wonder the peoples of Britain shudder in horror at the betrayal by our self serving Political elite!

Now consider what one can turn up in just a few minutes with Google:

Britain’s Gordon Brown becomes patron of Zionist agency


By Redress Information & Analysis

28 July 2007

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has agreed to become patron of the UK arm of the Jewish National Fund, whose funds have contributed to Israeli ethnic cleansing, the destruction of Palestinian villages and the expropriation of Palestinian land, and whose constitution requires it to promote and implement policies that discriminate against Israel’s Arab population.

Gordon Brown has crossed a new threshold on the path to becoming a fully-fledged Zionist.

According to a report in the Jewish Chronicle, Gordon Brown has agreed to become a patron of the British arm of the Jewish National Fund (JNF UK) “following an invitation from JNF UK President Gail Seal, who wrote conveying her good wishes the day after he took office”.

In a letter to Gail Seal, Gordon Brown said that he was “delighted to accept your offer to become a patron of JNF UK”. A spokesman for Brown confirmed that the British prime minister had “agreed to become a patron of JNF UK”, and that he had done so “in order to encourage their work to promote charitable projects for everyone who lives in Israel”.

In fact, far from being “a charity” that benefits “everyone who lives in Israel”, the JNF is a principal tool of Israel’s discriminatory system of land administration. Founded in 1901 to help establish a Jews-only state in the Arab country of Palestine, the JNF’s constitution requires it to benefit Jews exclusively. It therefore promotes and implements policies that discriminate against the Arab population of Israel.

The JNF is also guilty of ethnic cleansing, the destruction of Palestinian villages and the expropriation of Palestinian land. According to PalestineRemembered.com, in its operation in Israel, the JNF has

expropriated illegally most of the land of 372 Palestinian villages which had been ethnically cleansed by Zionist forces in 1948. The owners of this land are over half the UN-registered Palestinian refugees. The JNF had actively participated in the physical destruction of many villages, in evacuating these villages of their inhabitants and in military operations to conquer these villages. Today, the JNF controls over 2500 sq. km of Palestinian land which it leases to Jews only. It also planted 100 parks on Palestinian land.

In addition, the JNF has a long record of discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel as reported by the UN. The JNF also extends its operations by proxy or directly to the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza. All this is in clear violation of international law and particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids the confiscation of property and settling the occupiers’ citizens in occupied territories. Ethnic cleansing, expropriation of property and destruction of houses are war crimes. As well, use of tax-exempt donations in these activities violates the domestic law in many countries where JNF is domiciled.

Since becoming prime minister at the end of June 2007, Gordon Brown has appointed several Israel apologists to key positions in the British government. He has also been at pain to stress his Christian Zionist credentials.

As patron of JNF UK, Gordon Brown will join a club that includes prominent British politicians and religious figures who, on the one hand, speak of the need for peace and justice in the Middle East while, on the other, promote and defend the racist Jews-only state of Israel. They include Tony Blair, Conservative leader David Cameron and Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who is said to be a close friend of Brown.

These are concepts and ideas that one stands every risk of being attacked for questioning, or even seeking explanation of, this international plot to impose a new world order – such vile organisations as the extremists ‘Searchlight’ will rapidly brand those who question the evil aims of Zionism as anti semetic, a mantra that has no defined meaning yet is a pretence to be anti ? or ? or something entirely different – it is a meaningless slander!

Beware of Zionism which has turned being The Children of The Holocaust into an art form which brings little but shame to Judaism and World Jewry – particularly with its self serving fascism in Palestine, as it steadilly dispossesses the indiginous peoples through acts of terror and brutality of a nature which can only place the so called Israeli Defence Force in the realms of being no more than State sponsored terrorists.

Consider just howmany Jewish organisations and groups exist, who are totally and in some cases even militantly opposed to Zionism.

Don’t let filth like the extreme right OR the extreme left dupe you with Aesopian neural linguistic programming – he who controls the language, all too easily controls the arguments!

Why else do you believe that we have the nonsense of Politically Correct words and phrases imposed to prevent discussion or at very least to make people wary – why else would Common Purpose be running courses for their chosen elite and their puppets to provide and impose language that controls discussion and triggers pre programmed responses.

THEN consider that Gordon Brown was born in 1952 which made him 5 years old in 1956 during the Hungarian revolution when so many intellectuals, middle class and their orphans found succour in these United Kingdoms leading to some speculating on his interests in Ashkenazim Judaism. Though I would hazard the opinion there are no further grounds to extrapolate more complexly!

That said should we be considering the placement of Jack straw, Peter Mandelsom, Hazel Blears, the brothers Milliband, Lord Levy, Tessa Jowells and many more – I would hope it could be clearly and unequivocally denied there is any relevance as it starts to look as if we will have rolled up trouser legs, bared breasts and mock deaths rapidly replaced by giant carvings of owls and the very strange symbolisms of:

Skull & Bones CLICK HERE is a good place to start and then follow links!
Bohemian Grove CLICK HERE
CLICK HERE to see the Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove – Version 1 Nixon, Eisenhower, and Reagan were members. The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Now, for the First Time in History, Alex Jones Brings You Video from His Infiltration of Bohemian Grove. View the Elite Compound and Witness World Leaders Conducting a Bizarre, Occult Ritual, Worshipping a Giant Stone Owl Idol.

Then there is The Bilderberg Group CLICK HERE

You may also find the symbolism interesting if you CLICK HERE

Then perhaps you might care to consider CLICK HERE and then CLICK HERE

Of course all of this is nothing more than Conspiracy Theory – Yeah Right:

Just when does Conspiracy Theory become FACT?

Just howmuch detail do people need?

Of course they don’t have rituals that involve an owl – its a conspiracy theory and the pictures of the huge owl and the robed people and the processions and the fire are ALL fake, as are the many pictures of known individuals – YEAH!

& of course The Skull & Bones Society of Yale based on Society/Order 322 isn’t real and the long list of known members isn’t true, even though some of them claim to be members.

Of course they don’t have any secret hand gestures they are just like the Free Masons, of course there are no rituals!!

You couldn’t expect them to roll up their trouser leg or bare their breast or even simulate death and resurectuon in a symbolic coffin and give themselves childish names and base their rituals on the Satanic Pentagon.

Of course the repetitive symbolic hand gesture is pure accident and has nothing to do with the horns of Satan – I just made that up!
YEAH Really!
How about the skull & bones symbol – crossing the body as would the thigh bones of The Skull & Cross Bones!
Then of course the 1,000s of hours of filmed proof is just fake and of course the lists of members are just a myth and people like Robert Gaylon Ross Sr. have wasted their lives in listing the members and the films on TV news of high security and the limosines of the wealthy and powerfull is just a myth to …………………

Yeah so all of this is untrue – yet men dressed in women’s robes worshiping crosses, rolled scrolls and crescent moons make sense!!

Of course I don’t believe in ‘Conspiracy Theories’ but I don’t know about you – I have a tendency to go along with Fact whether conspiracy or not! Those who do not believe in conspiracy have clearly never been in a children’s playground, nor watched the global attempts of the New World Order to surplant the old religions with the new – Global Warming, Climate Change, and the guilt of man with Carbon Footprint a newly created basis for faux taxation and destabilisation.

But of couirse I invented it all just as I invented credit Collapse and wrote about it in the 1960s and wrote in detail of the collapse in the 1990s but of course we knew but world leaders and National financiers were oblivious of the inevitability – just as they have no realisation of the concepts of ‘Beneficial Crisis’.

It seems the Pentangle is just a pretty patern and a pure coincidence that Washington is laid out on a pentangle and obviously the layout of the Capitol and its grounds are in the form of an Owl by accident as of course is the Masonic and satanic symbolism of the pyramid and all seeing eye on the US Dollar – just a pretty patern – YEAH!

Then again you may have noticed that I started out this particular blog by pure coincidence with an explanation of The New World Order by Prime Minister Gordon Brown – who of course didn’t believe a word he said!!

I leave it to you to decide and not a single mention of Lizards please – as that is in fact clearly anti Judaic.

Greg L-W.