#G070* – Have A Great Day JADE


What ever you may feel of media exploitation and public humiliation of the innocent as a form of entertainment.

Today is and must be Jade Goodie’s day and good luck Jack Tweed many lesser men would have run away.

Jade has set a fantastic example for us all as she fights to her last breath for her children and their future.

Thank you to the medical teasm that is making this day possible for her and hope or pray whatever your belief that her day is pain free and she can find the strength to get through it.

The mean spiritted are seemingly too stupid and too self centred to understand howmany 10s, 100s, 1,000s maybe even 10s of 1,000s of lives she will save by raising the profile of simply having and following up on PAP smears and check ups.

I have had 3 or 4 and sometimes many more a year since 1998 and they have kept me alive – there is NOTHING macho about ignoring symptoms and there is no dignity in being a corpse to soon!

Just for a moment please remeber Jane Tomlinson who did so much to raise the profile of breast cancer – it would have been Jane’s 44th. birthday yesterday.

Please remember Anthony Wilson who did so much to raise awareness of Kidney Cancer.

Also remember Caron Keating of Blue Peter who died so tragically.

I had the honour to speak in support of Jade last night on the radio with Caron’s Mother Gloria Hunneyford and Mike Tomlinson, Jane’s husband.

Perhaps in the midst of this we should remember that Max clifford who has been helping Jane as a friend to manage publicity and raise funds for her boys – Max lost his wife too young and has worked vigerously for cancer charities in recent years.

I have a VERY personal interest as my partner had the same disease 13 years ago at 33 caught JUST in time, but it came with a price! My cousin died at 54 with mRCC, my partner’s Mother died of lung and brain cancer when only in her early 60s, my Father died of cancer after several years of fear from Prostate Cancer.

I know too many to list! Anyone who has cancer or is struggling to cope as a carer or bereaved is welcome to phone me if I can help in ANY way – I spoke at length with 2 who died last week and have 2 whom I chat to living locally at the moment.

My thanks to some great medical staff and my thanks to Chris Heaton – Harris MEP and David T.C. Davies MP, Steve Webb MP and many others who have gone that extra 9 yards for me and with me to get the relevant drugs and care for patients.

For more thoughts on Jade Goody CLICK HERE providing somewhat differing views!

Have a great day Jade in a dignified day your courage facing death has shown us all how to live.

Greg L-W.

01291 – 62 65 62