#G047 – The Third Sector and COMMON PURPOSE


You may find it both interesting and informative if you go to THIRD SECTOR and type “Common Purpose” into the search box and start studying this clandestine and subversive organisation.

I will post more on this later as I have been tracking them in some detail together with their forebears since the 1960s.

I consider them to be on a par in terms of mallign evil as I do The Fabian Society, much of Freemasonry and many of the tentacles of The New World Order.

Suffice for the moment to remember Cressida Dick who was in charge of the murderers who slkaughtered Charles de Menezes in such a cowardly and incompetent manner at Stockwell tupe station – an unarmed inocent individual held securely by several Police Louts and then summarily executed with 6 bullets in his head and one in his shoulder in a red mist of incompetence.

Cressida Dick is Common Purpose which may explain why she was so rapidly promotted despite her obvious incompetence.

Greg L-W.