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The financial crisis could be the euro’s death knell … and even end the shambolic EU

You may well find that The Credit Crunch will be small beerwhen it comes to the Currency Collapse Tsunami The unscheduled power outs that will increasingly hit Britain.

Never forget it is the criminal incompetence and venal self interest of Politicians which gives the other 10% a bad name.


Many of you will have attended Huntsman Weekends and will remember that we gave the first cross party detailed analysis of Common Purpose giving Brian Gerrish his first serious platform beyond EUkip and his immediate area.

He has gone on to USE the contacts he made abusing any who question his personal obsession and paranoia and doing all he can to spreed distrust amongst those seeking seriously to expose Common Purpose, Hugh Jones also received his first extended audience, he told us, sadly his attacks on all who asked reasonable questions has led to his concept The Few stagnating.

However another attendee Neil Herron made many contacts and was able to gain a great deal of support for his ongoing campaigns as was David Delaney with The British Weights & Measures Campaign.

Many others have been able to extend their contacts and grow their ideas from contacts and information they learned at these two day weekend at The Huntsman near Chepstow.

Neil is going from strength to strength and there is every determination amongst an increasing group of us to ensure that Steve Thoburn the first Metric Martyr who was killed by the state who took this honest decent humble grocer and forced on him the full might of the State where the State sledge hammer did indeed break the small nut – the State must be deeply ashamed the stress killed Steve almost as obvious a State Murder as was the murder of Mr. Menezez slaughtered gratuitously, by an out of control, ill trained, over kitted incompetently led police murder squad.

Please stop and take a few seconds to think of Steve and the loss his widow and children suffered as a result of an over bearing and bullying jobs worth state which was representing its interests against the wishes of the people it is paid to represent.

We didn’t want metrication and no one wanted Steve Murdered any more than we wanted a bunch of incompetent chavs in a Police Hit Squad to Murder Jean Charles Menezez.

These men were killed in YOUR NAME you owe their families the reward of Justice.

Is it now time for Mayor Pipe and Councillor Alan Laing to launch an investigation into Hackney Council’s ‘targeting’ of the Metric Martyrs?

Is the Janet Devers case ‘proportionate?

Is the Janet Devers case ‘in the public interest’?

Is the Janet Devers case ‘in the consumers interest’?

The Sunday Telegraph reports on Hackney’s ‘agenda’ below. The Market Inspectors referred to in the report have confirmed that they will be prepared to give witness testimony in court.

If you want to see the type of leaflet Head of Hackney Council’s Trading Standards, Richard Carr ( richard.carr@hackney.gov.uk ) was handing out to traders in Hackney last year click here Ask yourself if this is really the sort of material paid public servants should be printing with public money?

Is it about time a full internal investigation into Hackney Council’s Trading Standards Department was launched and the Devers prosecution abandoned to prevent the wasting of any more public money? Both the Vice President of the European Commission, Gunther Verheugen and the Government Minister John Denham have said that Metric Martyrs should not be prosecuted.

With the country and the Government and the European Commission declaring that there should be no more prosecutions then it is over to Mayor Jules Pipe and portfolio holder Councillor Alan Laing to now explain and justify to the voters and council taxpayers in Hackney and the rest of the taxpaying British public why they are not going to insist that the prosecution of Metric Martyr Janet Devers is abandoned and a full scale internal investigation into the behaviour of certain council officers launched.

Should you wish to raise matters with Mayor Pipe or Councillor Laing then they can be contacted at the addresses below:



Minister John Denham who made the statement that prosecutions are “no longer considered to be “in the public interest” can be contacted here … dius.correspondence@dius.gsi.gov.uk Mark the communication FAO John Denham.

Hackney MPs are Diane Abbott abbottd@parliament.uk and Meg Hillier hillierm@parliament.uk

“When you are in a hole stop digging! “

Hackney’s Mayor Pipe and Councillor Alan Laing

Neil HerronTel. 0191 5657143Mob. 07776202045metricmartyrs@btconnect.com

To support the Metric Martyrs Campaign visit www.metricmartyrs.co.uk

Metric Martyrs Defence Fund
PO Box 526

Tel. 0191 565 7143

The campaign for a Royal Pardon for the four convicted Metric Martyrs continues.

Whistle-blowers say council targeted ‘metric martyrs’
Street market inspectors were ordered to target a convicted “metric martyr” and his sister while ignoring other traders working in pounds and ounces because council officers wanted to “teach them a lesson”.

By David Harrison Sunday Telegraph

Three former Hackney Council inspectors have told how they were instructed to single out Colin Hunt, 60 – one of the original metric martyrs – and his sister, Janet Devers, 64, for “enforcement action” because the pair had campaigned against the ban on imperial measurements.

One ex-inspector, who worked for Hackney for four years, said:

“The manager told us that we had to teach Janet and Colin a lesson and focus our enforcement efforts on them rather than any other traders who used imperial measures or sold goods by the bowl. We knew it wasn’t fair, but if we objected the managers just said we should do as we were told. They made it clear that we had to pick on Janet and Colin even though they are good traders with a long history in the market.”

Mr Hunt was convicted of using imperial measures in 2001 and fought an unsuccessful High Court battle on the issue in 2002.

Mrs Devers was last month convicted on eight similar charges by Thames magistrates last month – a case that prompted the Government to announce new guidelines that would effectively ban such prosecutions for “essentially minor offences”. However, the use of imperial weights remains technically illegal.

The Sunday Telegraph is now campaigning for a change in the law, to ensure that retailers are allowed to sell food in pounds and ounces.

The campaign has been backed by a wide range of public figures, including former Cabinet minister Lord Tebbit, explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the actor Edward Fox.
Mrs Devers, who faces three further charges at Snaresbrook Crown Court in January, lodged an appeal against her convictions last week.

Another former inspector, Mohammed Serdouk, who monitored the Ridley Road market, in east London, said his bosses had ordered him to impose regulations and bylaws on Mr Hunt “many times, to the point that it made me feel he was particularly singled out to the point of harassment and making an example of him.”

Mr Serdouk has now written a letter to the family, offering support, in which he wrote: “The application of these measures and the way they were carried out was unwarranted, needlessly unproductive and detrimental to the spirit of collaboration.

“I am certain that if those measures were applied across the market, without victims, Mr Hunt would be a supporter and advocate in bettering the situation in Ridley Road market.”
The letter may be used as a witness statement in any future court hearings.

Another former inspector, who left the council earlier this year, told this newspaper: “Colin Hunt and Janet Devers were definitely the focus of the council’s enforcement action in Ridley Road market. It was made clear to me that they were on the radar and we should keep a close eye on them.”

In his letter of support for Mr Hunt, he added: “My immediate managers singled out Mr Hunt and directed market inspectors to pay particular attention to him by way of taking enforcement action against him.

“I feel Mr Hunt has certainly not received fair treatment and this is certainly not in the true spirit of the council’s policy in working with traders and the traders association.”

Mrs Devers, whose family have run market stalls in east London for more than 70 years, said: “We always suspected that we were being targeted by the council and these revelations show that we were right. The inspectors were told to make our lives difficult.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful. Thousands of market traders all over the country are doing the same thing as us and yet we were the ones who were prosecuted.

“There are far more serious problems at Ridley Road market and elsewhere in Hackney but the council decides to waste taxpayers’ money prosecuting people for weighing vegetables in pounds and ounces and selling goods by the bowl – something the Government now says councils shouldn’t do.”

Mr Hunt said: “I have been the target of these enforcement visits for seven years and in the past 18 months they have gone for my sister Janet as well. No other traders have been targeted in this way.”

Neil Herron, director of the Metric Martyrs campaign which is also fighting for a change in the law to make it legal to sell good in pounds and ounces, said: “We thought it was more than coincidence that two of the five metric martyrs who have been prosecuted were from the same market and just happened to be brother and sister.

“Now we know it is more than coincidence – and the evidence has come from the very inspectors who were ordered to be on the front line of the campaign against Janet and Colin.”
Mr Herron called for “a full internal inquiry into exactly what went on at Hackney council trading standards”.

A spokesman for Hackney council said: “Trading Standards have taken formal action against 10 traders on Ridley Road Market for similar offences of deliberately omitting prices and quantities on produce.

“The punishments have ranged from simple cautions to prosecutions where fines and costs have been awarded.”

The spokesman declined to comment on Mrs Devers’ appeal.

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