63,000 Years of Brown Debt !!! #A04* (G025)

The financial crisis could be the euro’s death knell … and even end the shambolic EU


Just a bit of a roundup this morning before you dash out and jump from the window, along with thousands of contrite Bankers & honest accountants, who as professional gamblers have clearly backed not just the wrong colour but isolated themselves in playing against the odds in a huge and unsecured gamble on a number, along with the Government that ‘Likes to say YES’ when handing out our money and increasing our taxes.

Consider the details of Britain’s debt which was somewhere in excess of £1.3 Trillion under the careful and prudent care of Gordon Brown Prudent as ever it had ONLY risen by £1.3Trillion during his tour of duty at a time when there were approximately 100 new stealth taxes to generate income to ensure financial prudence and a move away from ‘boom and bust’ economics he so frequently warned us of.

Then on top of the £1.3Trillion of debt he incurred for us he has had a great giveaway – in fact claimed to be setting the world an example of giving away the money stolen from the tax payers – normally tax is for the good of the society but under Gordon Brown tax has been to buy 3 elections for his old mate Tony!

Anyway to add to the £1.3Trillion we have £100bn.+ handed over to his banking mates in Northern Rock based in Newcastle on which Labour is dependent (one wonders if they were based in Surrey and called The Green Belt Bank whether they would have been bailed out with OUR money!), add to that his giveaway of £500bn. Of OUR money again to bail out his mates the bankers – I wonder what he did with the proceedes of the 600tonnes of OUR gold he sold!

So ignore the gold that is £1.3Trillion+£100bn.+500bn. Basing the figures on a low level of interest that means that you and I owe together with the rest of the population of Britain – except the Somalis, French, Germans, Sudanese, Nigerian, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, South Africans, Sri Lankans, Spanish, Ghanaians, Zionists and their ilk will probably leg it a bit quick when they find they owe a lot of money!

Anyway that works out that Labour have Conservatively ie without a bleat from the opposition, have incurred us in £1.9Trillion so to allow for the odd bit I forgot let us call that £2Trillion!!!

A trillion is a one followed by twelve zeros—1,000,000,000,000.

In one year (taking account of leap year) there are 31,600,000 seconds.

1 trillion divided by 31, 600,000 seconds is 31,546 years.

It will take 31,546 years to count the first trillion dollars.

WELL DONE Mr. Brown:with such Prudence in 11 years since you took over managing Britain’s finances you have squandered so much money it will take over 63,000 years to count it!

OK so let’s put it another way since we all know roughly how long ONE Second is and most of us know how long it takes us to earn ourselves (after tax £10,000) – Well wee Prudence has incurred debt since he took over control of our finances in 1997 at the rate of £9,111.00 per SECOND.

Now the truelly staggering thing about all this is that I am NOT an economist, I did NOT get one of the youngest Doctorates from Edinburgh NOR one of the highest marks EVERGordon Brown DID.

Perhaps we should shut Edinburgh University Economics Faculty if this is the product!

I state I was not nor am I an economist but I was writing polemics about the inevitability of a credit collapse and the probability of 200,000,000 deaths across EUrope due to EU policy, EU over regulation and utter incompetence in the EU and its basic principles.

Perhaps Economics is the absolute Science of Being Fiscally Wise AFTER the event.Economists are the specialists who clear up the mess economists make!

There is possibly only one good thing about being Japanese and that is that Bushido dictates that if you are a leader and you screw up this badly you have the honour to commit ‘Sepuko’ – we would at least be rid of Gordon Brown and his immediate supporters & followers and as promised Peter Mandelson is ‘right behind him’.

To try to put a value on Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our dreams, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives.


Greg L-W.

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