it is good to see someone who isn’t sio crano rectally retentive about the ridiculous LibDims and their irrelevant views in the SO CALLED coalition!

This letter in the Telegraph yesterday must be one promise that The Tories are forced to keep – it will be interesting to see how they manage to deliberately deconstruct a purely EU concept for direct rule of Britain – to be fair I doubt they understand their plight and it seems they do not know who now rules Britain.

SIR – 
I share the public’s concern (Letters, August 9) at the recommendation of the Postcode Address File Advisory Board to delete counties from the Royal Mail’s address database by 2016. It speaks volumes that unelected officials regard our counties – and over 1,000 years of English history – as a “vanity attachment”. 
But the new Government is taking steps to defend our counties. We have scrapped Labour’s gerrymandering which sought to break up the counties of Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk for electoral advantage and we are dismantling the tiers of regional assemblies and development agencies.
Eric Pickles MP (Con)

Secretary of State for Local Government
London SW1

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