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Charles, William & Harry making every effort to betray Britain
& bring an end to The Monarchy …


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Greg Lance – Watkins

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CURRENTLY: I am banned from TWITTER
Allegedly I have broken a TWITTER Rule,
But, Seemingly they lack the integrity or competence
to identify the rule!
PRESUMABLY I told the Truth or Used a fact
that does not suit their corrupt WOKE agenda,
bias or propaganda!



Ngozi FULANI - HEADLEY, Marlene 01
Marlene HEADLEY alias Ngozi Fulani


Let us not forget Lady Hussey has travelled very extensively with the Queen and politely sought to find a point of commonality for a conversation with a guest at the palace.

Unfortunately she asked a dedicated racist who is a cult pastiche looking for publicity & Woke stupidity to feed her ego and in her case her ‘fancy dress’, as she is not an East Ender NOR an African!

She was born in Willesdon and lives in Harlow – neither of which are East End London.

I understand her parents were from the Caribbean though not Caribs. It is probable their ancestors were captured and enslaved by a local bantu (Black) tribal dictator somewhere, most likely from Mali to the Spanish Sahara, and sold to Arab or European traders for resale or shipment across the Atlantic, to what eventually was clearly a better life.

She would seem to have invented a bantu heritage, by random selection

She has even invented what seems to be a Zulu name for herself!

Interestingly, ‘Ngossi’ is the Zulu word of respect for an elder NOT a person’s name! It tends to be an agreement and / or praise made with a genuflection. Similar to the hands together as used in India as a greeting of respect. Itwould seem that Ngozi Fulani IS a fraud –
Though I do concede Ngozi has been affected as a name amongst the Igbo but would NEVER be adopted by someone with the surname Fulani as that name is from a blood rival tribe to the Igbo Peoples!

I understand her actual name is ‘Marlene Headley’

– There seems to be nothing genuine about this odious person, which leads me to believe she is a racist fraud, seeking to gain by causing mischief.

As she claims to be British & yet dresses up as an African, of no particular tribe. Culture Appropriation?

Her fancy dress was deeply flawed! On the one hand her dress was Ghanaian in style but her bandana was not relevant to Ghana, her name was based on Zulu but was in part Ibo. As for dreadlocks they were strictly Caribbean of Rastafarian (Ethiopian) origin!

There was NOTHING racist about Lady Susan Hussey’s attempt at polite small talk, showing some confusion as to where Marlene Headley was from. Little wonder Lady Susan Hussey moved Ms. Headley’s nametag.

The nametag must have been fake, as it was not in her name, nor had she been invited to the event, it now transpires!

However the lack of backbone and immediate self serving efforts to appease the ill informed, ignorant Woke actions on the part of Prince William and his Father were shameful, they displayed a disgraceful lack of loyalty to a Lady who has served their family loyally and dedicatedly, on a voluntary full time basis for over 60 years.

I have repeatedly stated that I believed Charles was a total Charley and would bring the Monarchy to its knees, aided by his sons, on or before 2030, with their weak unimaginative self serving behaviour, and their dabbling in politics and making fools of themselves and our Country by campaigning for the fraud of anthropogenic Climate Change!

It is also worth remembering that Harry is also trying to exploit the Anthropogenic Climate Change fraudulent antics of The World Economic Forum and their cronies, for his own gain.

Few would be aware that as a child Harry’s Mother, Diana sought out and placed Harry under the care of a psychiatrist, who specialised in behaviour, as Harry had incredible temper tantrums and attention seeking behaviour – also throughout school Harry was a remarkable under achiever.

There seems to have been little change in Harry’s behaviour in the interim years!

First Published: CLICK HERE

It seems I am not alone in my opinion –

Icon for God Rest Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Lady Susan Hussey, an 83 yr old born a Lady who accompanied HMTQ on her most difficult days has been made a scapegoat by a nasty attention seeking woman who repeated, amazingly, word for word, a totally private conversation.

Had the guest been white, and speaking with a Yorkshire accent, and Lady Susan asked from where in Yorkshire were her family, the guest would have been delighted to expand on her family background.

This is a disgraceful beat up, of a loyal aged woman who doubtless in her 60 year unpaid role as royal companion, has met thousands of boring , self important guests, most of whom are pleased to explain their tedious backgrounds as a conversation starter.

The woman was wearing costume dress to draw attention to her ethnicity. It is like someone wearing a cowboy hat, to break the ice you say WHERE ARE YOU FROM?

There is no need to destroy this Lady’s reputation for someone’s 15 minutes of “fame.”

My Spot The FRAUD meter is shrieking loudly.

  • It has just been revealed her REAL name is MARLENE HEADLEY from Hackney. A professional whinger. Professional imposter.
  • Born in Willesdon, London.
  • Likes fancy dress. Fake plastic lion claw necklaces and tinsel tiaras.
  • Doesn’t have a clue about female African names.
  • Is that why Lady Susan Hussey lifted the hair to read the tag? Did she detect an imposter there hiding under garish garb, a woman with a fake name , fake name tag, someone with a beef about the Royal Family and a hidden recording device?

(Name tag did not reveal Marlene’s correct name, underneath the corkscrew wig ).

To see the original article SEE: Quora

See: Turbulent Times:
Immigration: a black day

By Richard North – December 2, 2022

One of the least important things in this world today is the supposed “trauma” of the black activist who currently calls herself Ngozi Fulani. At least, if that is all there was to it, it would definitely be unimportant, despite the BBC having run the story as its website lead for over 24 hours.

However, it seems, there is far more to the claimed incident than the BBC would have us believe, otherwise I wouldn’t be touching this story with a bargepole. But the very fact that the BBC has run it so prominently is a story in itself, especially in the context of my article yesterday on the increased “diversity” of Britain.

What gives the story legs, though, is a piece of information which the BBC did not consider worth troubling us with, that Fulani’s given name was Marlene Headley. She had changed her name after establishing her “connection” with Africa, when she went to college at the age of eighteen to take up a Community Studies course.

The college, according to the then Marlene Headley, had an African dance group and it was that day that her “life changed”. It was a “pivotal moment” for her, because this connection with Africa put her in touch with Africans from the continent. One rehearsal with them, she says, and “that was me”, adding:

To hear Africans with strong accents, learn about the food and the drumming touched my heart and took me to a place I had never been. It was everything for me and I had never felt so free as when I was listening to those drums. It was all so beautiful, the clothes, the beads, the cowrie shells, and the stories. My connection with Africa became my lifelong story. It’s identity, because ours was robbed from us. Over time, black people have been forced to try and be something they are not.

She evidently changed her name to Ngozi Fulani to reflect this “connection” and went on to teach African dance from the age of twenty-three, as a resident teacher in Hackney for twenty years.

During that period, she took young people to Africa every year to learn about their culture and their roots. She says she did all of this whilst meeting her partner and having her children.

It was also important to her, she says, that her own children visited Africa. She wanted them to see it for themselves rather than the stereotypical images of starving children with flies around their mouths living in huts.

That, she says, was a white perspective. She wanted to share “her culture” with them in her way “because the narrative had always come from people who don’t look like us or understand us or often don’t like us”.

She adds that she would like to think that she has had input into “making different cultures understand us”. Often, she says, “people speak for us, so I try to be very clear-speaking and truthful. Anyone who knows me, knows I will not intentionally try to hurt someone but if my truth causes offence, then I’m okay with that”.

In her current life, she has taken to wearing African clothing and jewellery, as well as affecting an African hairstyle, presenting herself visually in all respect as an African woman, fully reflecting her adopted African culture.

In 2015, she founded the charity Sistah Space Sanctuary, subsequently changing its name to a shorter “Sistah Space” in 2019. The Charity Commission file on the charity’s financial history shows only three years’ details.

In 2019, its income was a modest £14.71K with an expenditure of £18.85K. Its fortunes improved the following year when it attracted (unspecified) government contracts to the value of £40,000, bringing its total income to £50.73K with an expenditure of £41.60K.

For the charity though, 2021 (the last reporting period) was a bumper year when, with the aid of another £52.35K in government contracts, its total income soared to £363.51K, comfortably exceeding its expenditure of £163.30K.

According to the Charity Commission description, Sistah Space advocate for African heritage women and girls of African and Caribbean heritage affected by abuse.

The Charity offers one to one or group support. It attends court, housing and other relevant agencies where support might be required, and it hosts and attends events to deliver diversity training to individuals and organisations with a domestic violence remit. It also runs a charity shop for domestic violence survivors to access necessities.

A slightly different picture emerges from the charity’s website where it claims to be a specialist charity that supports African and Caribbean heritage women affected by domestic and sexual abuse.

Ostensibly, the structure of this charity would seem to present some legal problems. In providing services explicitly and exclusively to African and Caribbean heritage women, it is, on the face of it, discriminating against women not of those racial groups.

Yet, according to the Equality Act 2010, any person who discriminates against another on the grounds of race, or treats anyone less favourably than they treat others, again on the grounds of race, is committing a criminal offence.

Nothing of that seems to affect the egregious Ngozi Fulani though, who when she went to the Buckingham Palace bash, seems to have had the foresight to bring a recording device with her, enabling her to come away with an exact record of her encounter with Lady Hussey.

This, conveniently is published in full on Twitter, which has Sue Hussey asking the self-styled Ngozi Fulani, “Where are you from”?

To this, Fulani responds, “Sistah Space”, which has Hussey asking: “No, where do you come from?”. Fulani evades the question, replying that “we’re based in Hackney”. Hussey returns with a more direct question: “No, what part of Africa are YOU from”.

One might recall that this question is addressed to a woman who has adopted an African name (on her name badge, that Hussey had seen), embraces African culture as “her” culture, and wears obviously African-style clothing and jewellery.

At this point, which is probably crucial, Fulani doesn’t deny that she’s from Africa. Rather, she says to the question “what part of Africa do you come from”, “I don’t know, they didn’t leave any records”.

Hussey has now, effectively been suckered into a trap. She tells this woman who so demonstrably embraces an African culture and who does not deny coming from Africa, “Well, you must know where you come from. I spent time in France”. She then asks again, “Where are you from?”

Fulani responds, “here in the UK”, leaving a puzzled Hussey to say, “No, but what nationality are you?”. Says Fulani, “I am born here and am British”, with Hussey rattling back: “No, but where do you really come from, where do your people come from”.

Once again, we need to remind ourselves that Fulani is masquerading as an African, and has embraced the African culture. But, despite identifying so closely with African people, she chooses an aggressive response, feigning injured innocence with: “My people, lady, what is that?”

From there, it is all the way downhill in what has been described as “race baiting” a loyal lady-in-waiting to our queen. But, while Hussey may have been blunt and rather direct, as these upper crust women so often are, this was not in any way a “racist” exchange.

But, with the hullabaloo that has followed, and Fulani crying “abuse”, the race industry has piled in, bolstered by Ashitha Nagesh, the BBC’s community affairs correspondent, who asks, “What is it like to be repeatedly asked where you are from?”.

Well, if you adopt an African name, dress like an African and adopt the culture of an African, and then say you are British, to be asked where you’re really from is just polite conversation.

And if Fulani might have thought she was fostering the cause of “her people”, her great achievement of the day was to provide Farage with some more material – a black day for her and everybody else.

As for the broader picture, if you ostentatiously take an African name, dress in an African manner and embrace African cultural values, what statement are you making about yourself? Are you really British?

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Here are some interesting snippets with links:

The interesting juxtaposition of the Igbo first name and tribal second name, given the antipathy between the Fulani and the Igbos, is a little like someone playing at being European and calling himself Isaac-Binyamin Hitler.

The USA has Plastic Paddies, we have Fake Fulanis and Bogus Biafrans, clearly.

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The Igbo genocide and its aftermath:

In 1966, soon after the world commemorated the 21st anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and made the customary solemn declaration of ‘Never, Never Again’, Nigeria defiled that season of reflection, commiseration and hope. Its military officers, the police, Hausa-Fulani emirs, Muslim clerics and intellectuals, civil servants, journalists, politicians and other public figures planned and executed the Igbo genocide – the foundational genocide of post-(European)conquest Africa. [1] This is also Africa’s most devastating genocide of the 20th century. A total of 3.1 million Igbo people, a quarter of this nation’s population at the time, were murdered between 29 May 1966 and 12 January 1970. Most of Africa and the world stood by and watched, hardly critical or condemnatory of this wanton destruction of human lives, raping, sacking and plundering of towns, villages, community after community in Biafra and elsewhere… Most Igbo were slaughtered in their homes, offices, businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, churches, shrines, farmlands, factories/industrial enterprises, children’s playground, town halls, refugee centres, cars, lorries, and at bus stations, railway stations, airports and on buses, trains and planes and on foot, or starved to death – the openly propagated regime-‘weapon’ to achieve its heinous goal more speedily. In the end, the Igbo genocide was enforced, devastatingly, by Nigeria’s simultaneously pursued land, aerial and naval blockade and bombardment of Igboland, Africa’s highest population density region outside the Nile Delta. Earlier on in 1945 and 1953, under the very watch of British occupation, the Hausa-Fulani political leadership had carried out two premeditated pogroms on Igbo immigrant populations in Jos and Kano in opposition to the Igbo vanguard role in the struggle for the restoration of Nigerian independence from British conquest. Hundreds of Igbo were murdered on each occasion and tens of thousands of pounds sterling worth of their property looted or destroyed. Neither in Kano nor Jos did the occupation regime apprehend or prosecute anyone for these massacres and destruction. Tragically, these pogroms turned out as ‘dress rehearsals’ for the 1966-1970 genocide. The perpetrators, who subsequently seized and pillaged the rich Nigeria economy, appear to have got off free from any forms of sanctions from Africa (and the world) for what are, unquestionably, crimes against humanity. The consequences for Africa have been catastrophic. Several regimes elsewhere in Africa are ‘convinced’ of the conclusions that they have drawn from this crime by their Nigerian counterpart: ‘We can murder targeted constituent people(s) at will within the state we control … Haul off their prized property and livelihood … Comprehensively destroy their cities, towns, villages, communities – precisely their age long, priceless, inheritance … There will be no sanctions from Africa – and the world’. As a result, the Igbo genocide bec …



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