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Time For A New Broom Sweep Out Superstitions, Lobbyists, Charities, NGOs & Other Parasites To Deal With The Real Problem …

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Time For A New Broom Sweep Out Superstitions, Lobbyists, Charities, NGOs & Other Parasites To Deal With The Real Problem …

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Greg Lance – Watkins



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Leftist, anti-British, anti-capitalist and corrupt – why is Oxfam getting millions from a Tory government?

An astonishing aspect of the aid agency scandal is that few in the press or the political establishment have properly questioned this multi-billion-pound scam before now.

Oxfam, when it was founded in 1942, was driven by Christian principles of helping our fellow men. No longer.


The stark reality is that almost all the charities, trusts, and organisations involved in aid are now run by socialist ideologues whose driving force is predominately anti-capitalist, anti-British, pro-climate-change dogma.

This is exactly the approach that has led Venezuela to the brink of disintegration.

Exhibit A illustrates the catalogue of aid agency madness. It is the glitzy Oxfam policy document released on January 16: a clarion call to attack billionaires and the economic system that created them couched in the language of Momentum.

Why on earth is a so-called Conservative government supporting such a rats’ nest of socialist propaganda? It is driven by self-righteous zeal. So much money is being ploughed into this sector that it has become a gilded cage. In that framework, the sort of corrupt self-entitlement and bullying now coming to light are inevitable by-products.

At the centre of the UK’s £13.5billion foreign aid and aid agency ‘development’ enterprise is the lavish Oxfam operation and its palatial Oxford HQ. An examination of the massive conglomerate’s chairman, former BBC high-flyer Caroline Thomson, is a key to its nature.

Her Christianity-free, jargon-driven multi-national empire derives half its income from government funds – predominantly the EU, a raft of agencies of the UN and the British and Swedish governments. It is not, therefore, truly a ‘charity’ at all, but an arm of the burgeoning global governance and rights industry.

And who is Ms Thomson? Her background speaks volumes about the organisation and aspirations of the enterprise she chairs.

She began her career as a BBC trainee in 1975 and rose – via a spell as political adviser to arch-Europhile Roy Jenkins – to become the Corporation’s chief operating officer. In 2012, she was granted a £670,000 pay-off when George Entwistle thwarted her bid to become director general.

Her credentials for her roles with the BBC and now Oxfam are exactly as might be expected. She is the daughter of the late Lord Thomson of Monifieth, a Labour peer, the UK’s first European Commissioner and later chairman of the former television regulatory body, the Independent Broadcasting Authority. Her husband of more than 40 years is the Labour peer Roger Liddle, who was Tony Blair’s special adviser on European policy, and then moved to the European Commission in a similar role under Jose Manuel Barroso, its then president. His Lordship currently heads a think tank on EU policy and has written a book with Peter Mandelson.

Neither of the Liddles, it could be deduced, would vote Tory or UKIP. Ms Thomson joined the Trustees of Oxfam in March 2017 – adding to a clutch of similar roles – and assumed the chairmanship in October. Did she conduct due diligence?

A brief visit to the charity’s website reveals the doctrinaire Leftist propaganda within. There are hundreds of documents on ‘equality’ (code for anti-capitalist), climate change and ‘women’s empowerment’ (though rarely in Muslim countries, of course). Treatises and projects tackling corruption, providing cheap energy, entrepreneurship and sound business administration are strangely much harder to find.

Maybe someone who had worked at the BBC would find these Oxfam doctrines exactly to their taste. And maybe, because such goals are felt by those who uphold them to be the beyond-reproach ‘higher good’, Ms Thomson did not delve much further into how Oxfam staff conducted themselves in places such as Haiti and Chad, and in the UK’s so-called charity shops.

Whatever the reasoning, she and the entire body of Trustees are in the line of fire now. The problem, though, comes back to the core issue that virtually all of the development industry now sings from the same hymn sheet in terms of policy and motivation.

While at the BBC, Ms Thomson was deputy director of the World Service, whose charity and aid-sector arm is now known as Media Action. Its current boss? That will be Caroline Nursey, who before she assumed her current role was a director (in several different areas of responsibility) at – of course – Oxfam.

There is no doubt that aid agencies do carry out some work that is necessary and important, particularly in fast-track disaster relief. But the Nursey/Thomson axis underlines that they do so from within a very narrow, doctrinaire bubble. The BBC is its main propaganda arm, as the projects of their Media Action wing outlined on its website vividly illustrate. Other aid agencies march in lock-step to their version of the ‘higher good’.

With guaranteed finance emanating from state sources, the Oxfam scandal doubly underlines that they have been scandalously complacent and lazy – if not institutionally blind – towards issues such as sexual abuse. The whole arena needs an Augean cleansing.

International Development secretary Penny Mordaunt and the Conservative government have a major opportunity to launch this. But will they? Don’t hold your breath.

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The Oxfam scandal is neither a surprise or isolated as time will tell, but it is one of the better known ‘Holy Cows’.

There was no talk of witholding tax payers support in terms of grants, freedom from taxation or closure from our Government when the MILLIONS of instances of abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, rapes and general disregard for the laws ordinary decent folk were bound by when the vile nature, at all levels, within the Church was exposed.

Surely the time has come to tear down the entire structure of links between various bronze age superstitions that have collectively befouled their own nest & exposed so many of their evil practices – evil which through the centuries has underpinned most of the wars, land grabs and genocides.

Now as we blunder in a muddled state into the early part of this century is surely the time and the provenance that Religions, Hollywood, Charities, NGOs and the like are all mired in the same ordure is the very time to start to tear down these ‘Holy Cows’ that have all become so clearly corrupt, corrupted & politicised.

It is time to take a new broom to sweep out the mess that has accumulated, not just in dark corners but in plain sight hidden by the protectionism of over blown scoundrels – it is clearly time, not just to recognise the elephant in the room but to scrub it clean sanitise it and put it out to pasture, far from the corrupting influence of self congratulatory directors, pontifs, priests & self proclaimed do gooders manipulating the issues for their own gain.

It is time to sweep out political parasites cloistered in their religious hideaways and over salaried Charities together with the & .

We elect politicians who we pay well to do most of these jobs & they promptly appoint parasites and figuratively speaking ‘go out to lunch’, to concentrate on junketting & getting re-elected!

Yes we can continue blundering around but someday soon along will come a small boy who will be heard worldwide as he says ‘The Emperor has no clothes on ….’.

Surely it is better to have a managed restructuring than a blind panic as everyone rushes to hide in the laundry hamper!

Almost every Country on the globe if technically totally bankrupt, the bigger the economy the more eye watering the debt. Debt which runs into utterly incomprehensible numbers – numbers that can not be understood for a moment, whether by a small child taking its shoes and socks off to count past ten, or the best and most notable economists & accountants – No economist on the planet foresaw the crash in the late 20s when the numbers were tiny, less saw it coming a decade ago and not a single one of the big 5 accountancy firms in Britain or the major banks forsaw the inevitable collapse of Carillion!

When the last great crash came along the best and only answer our bankers, pundits & politicians could come up with was print more money – an act of collective, crass self serving stupidity sufficient to save their grubby little asses leaving the mess to be cleared up in the future – the very mess we now have with all the discomfort of austerity – austerity which is woefully inadequate to the task and leads to yet more borrowing, all be it less than without austerity!

Let us stop for a moment and contemplate the numbers where major global economies are working on debt levels amounting to 10s of TRILLIONS, sums that in anyones wildest dreams can NEVER be repaid, in a demented game of pass the parcel where only one of two events can save mankind from himself and the first of these is some form of armagedon be it asteroid, pandemic or plate techtonic!

Strange to think that mankind’s only hope of salvation may be to be smashed back to the stoneage by the erruption of the super caldera in Yellowstone National Park or the Long Valley Caldera in East central California or or The Valles Caldera in New Mexico or Lake Toba Caldera Sumatra in Indonesia or New Zealand’s Taupo Caldera or perhaps Japan’s currently active Aira Caldera! Perhaps an asteroid or even a nuclear holoucaust brough on by some big mouthed small brained self important politician recklessly ‘Dick Measiring’ like a small child – as the croupier would say ‘Make your Play’ or ‘Place Your Bets’ – which do you expect.

The other alternative would be a first on this planet: International honesty in a search for a solution. Efforts have been made to sidestep the enormity of the Debt and a few Countries thought it would be a clever idea to invent a new global currency, which they did and they even tried to launch it – remember Carbon Trading?

At the moment private bids are being made to sidestep the inevitable chaos of the crash to come by efforts of the super rich to launch a Neo_Currency in virtual Reality as with Bitcoin & its many clones!

I suggested consider the numbers so lets start with a tiny number, relative to the 100s of Trillions in collective debt – ONE BILLION:

ONE Billion is in itself a VERY large number!1Bn. seconds ago it was 1963

1Bn. Minutes ago The Christian era had not begun as Christ had not been born!

1Bn. Hours ago bi pedal mammals did not exist!

Politicians speak glibly of £Billions of OUR money but I have very little doubt that they haven’t a clue what a Billion is!

They are not alone:



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