PC1195 Andy

Complaint to police regarding pornography
on the internet,
& The Subsequent Saga!

Log No 455


My wife was doing some medical research on the early signs of a heart attack. Then went to try and find a good medical diagram of the heart on Google Images, only to be confronted, having miss spelt the search >Heart Atack< with a some what explicit and offensive image of a, not surprisingly looking distressed, naked man being raped by a dog, whilst surrounded by an audience and those goading on the dog!.

19th-Apr-2009,. [evening]

I reported the image to Cwmbran call centre [01291 – 62 3993] they said they could not deal with the matter.

I phoned the Met, they also said they could not deal with it, but gave us an agency telephone no. & details to contact.

I got hold of the agency
(Internet Watch Foundation at http://www.iwf.org.uk/)
I filled in their forms on line & then advised the call centre accordingly.

We were away for a few days – on our return I received an acknowledgement from IWF I checked on line and the image was still there!

I phoned IWF +- 24th. they said they would look into it and try to have the image removed.

Should take about five to seven working days.

05-May-2009 C1750hrs.

Image still on the internet C1750hrs. called call centre Reported image again Cwmbran call centre.

WPC seemed more interested in me and my details than the offence!

She was very needlessly officious!

She then said she would have to refer it to Chepstow.

I told her not to waste their time, as there wasn’t much they could do about it either, it would have to go up the tree rather than down. She insisted that, that was the way it was done and when I explained that we had gone through this before and it would only end up back on her door step. She became aggressive so I left it at that.

05-May-2009 C18.10hrs.

Phone call from Chepstow Police, “What did you call the police for?”
He was aggressive and confrontational from the get go!

G.L-W. “I wanted to report a pornographic image on the internet”

The PC: “We are not interested what is on the internet”.
“If you want to look for sordid images, that’s your problem”
“We don’t deal with pornography it has nothing to do with us.”

G.L-W. “So you don’t deal with Paedophilia & child abuse?”

PC “I did not say that”
From there on in the conversation became more and more confrontational. He was so unwilling to listen, that I never did get the opportunity to explain what I was reporting or why. So I decided that this was a pointless exercise and tried to politely terminate the conversation.

He continued to argue so I hung up, saying to my wife “idiot” or “what an idiot”, as I did so, this seems too have been over heard!

His entire approach was aggressive, ill-mannered and confrontational from word go, he made no attempt to introduce him self just launched in to a tirade.


Police bashing the front doors, for C4 mins.


Received a call from the police saying the police were outside and demanded that we open the door.

I declined, stating that I did not want any further confrontation or dealing with this police officer, as he was obviously in a very aggressive mood and looking for a fight.

My wife and I did not want unnecessary confrontation, when all we were trying to do was our civic duty and report an offence.

He then proceeded around the outside of the building and started kicking another door.

I am convinced he was kicking it and had our outer door not been 1.1/2” angle iron, 2”solid wood, 1/8” sheet steel and 1/2” marine ply clad I believe he would have smashed the door and would clearly have broken a conventional front door.

05-May-2009 C18.26hrs.

I Called & asked for the duty Sgt. line rang and rang then the line was cut.


I phoned Cwmbran again, spoke to a female officer who said the Sgt was out, she would take the details and pass them on and he would get back to us.

05-May-2009 C19.05hrs.

I spoke again to Call Centre as on reflection I may be wrong , Cwmbran is not a police matter re call centre perhaps.

05-May-2009 C1930hrs.

Call center rang back spoke to Carl.

I provided a full time log of events so far.

He apologised and asked ‘if we would like to put in an official complaint’.

I said ‘no just a warning would do and I obviously still wanted the image removed’.

Carl undertook to speak with my initial contact and advise further training!
Speak with Chepstow Inspector and have The PC cautioned, admonished and it entered on his personnel file.
No further contact with me – no further apology needed on his assurance that these steps would be taken.

I stated that IF Chepstow Insp. Wished me to formalise the complaint I was willing to assist.


Lee (my wife) went to collect the post, only to discover an official police note pushed through the letter box.

The Official Message ‘accusing me of being in possession of an extreme image and wasting police time and stating that he would be applying for an arrest warrant. Signed PC 1195 Andy Marriner (The Idiot)’ I was pleased he was being so honest and had learned something!

I believe the written message was abusive, illiterate, intemperate and threatening.

There is the clear statement of intent designed to intimidate.
I do agree with him he is clearly an Idiot!

My wife, due to past personal experience and having lived in a police state, was very upset, she was indeed intimidated, to the extent of being frightened.

I have made various people aware of this matter BEFORE making my next call as I now feel, since I am being accused of ‘deliberately downloading extreme images of bestiality and wasting police time and threatened with a warrant to break into my home by force’ – presumably to arrest me and seize my computers, it is a very small step to the actions being carried out and an out of control police force using a ‘memory stick’ to upload a quantity of child porn onto my computers and then charge me with child abuse.

I am aware of numerous cases where the police have murdered innocent citizens and received promotion! For specific details CLICK HERE 0r: http://gl-w.blogspot.com/2009/04/g092-yellow-tabard-you-are-above-law.html
Every single person murdered by the Police is an innocent victim as in these United Kingdoms a death penalty is not authorised under ANY circumstances.

06-May-2009 C18.02hrs.

I phoned The Call centre and spoke to, Sonja Jones, [Gwent] explained the situation and asked her if she could make enquires and stop the warrant of arrest.

She said she would take the relevant steps and she would get back to me before she went off duty at 19.00hrs., if she was unable to she would brief the next supervisor on handover and the next supervisor would call me, speak to her supervisor and he would get back to us.

I was asked for a copy of the compliment slip, sent by Email to [PNN.Police.U.K] C18.17hrs.

To protect myself contacted Jennifer Wiley (London) and appraised her of what was going on.

Likewise Daniel Foggo (London)

Simon Muir (Bristol) and others.

Increasingly the police have shown themselves to be the enemy of the public and NOT their protection, with out of control murder squads operating unchallenged and YES I have read the Terrorism Act and am aware of the abuses that are already taking place under that corrupt cloak.

I also have a conversancy with the excesses of Corpus Juris, The EU arrest warrant scam, Europol, C10 etc. etc.


Having heard nothing and aware I could still face an armed police officer at C06.00hrs. with a warrant and a chav attitude, willing to kill, I Called back to the Call Centre to confirm if they had managed to stop the warrant.

Sonya Jones had gone of duty on 3 days rest period and there was no supervisor due to sickness (thus I believed no handover!).

I was transferred to The Control Centre Cwmbran and spoke at some length AGAIN with Cath Bamford [Sgt?] repeated the whole story.

She said she would relate it in detail to the duty inspector and promised she or the duty inspector would call me back within the hour and explain what steps they were taking.


Return call from Cath Bamford and Duty inspector to say the matter was being referred to Abergavenny Police station Sgt. Trevor YANDLE who was responsible across the force for this sort of matter or if I preferred an Inspector would deal with it tomorrow.

I was happy that a senior Sgt. With experience would deal with it.


Call from Sgt. Trevor Yandle [Abergavenny Police station], had to explain the whole situation again.

Sgt. TY Rang back to give us his No. 01495 232 377

He has undertaken to put a stay on ANY action before going off duty.

He is away taking an exam tomorrow and on his return will address the matter in detail.

He asked me for my opinion etc.

I stated that I did not consider the matter serious but VERY Serious as this officer was clearly aggressive and out of control.

I believed that a block should be put on him ever being arms trained, his file should carry this mater in full detail and it should be considered whether it was appropriate to have such an individual in the Queen’s uniform.

I left it to The Chepstow Inspector, but if this man was a serial pain, they had been unable to find due cause sufficient to remove, I was more than willing to make a full blown complaint to ensure he could be fired.

I also requested that Chepstow Insp. Informed me what action he had taken and that he apologise on behalf of his officer.

TO DATE – 07-May-2009 – 04.07hrs.
Greg Lance-Watkins
Greg L-W.
8 Middle Street,
NP16 5ET
01291 – 62 65 62
‘e’Mail: Greg LANCE-WATKINS (Greg@GlanceBack.Demon.co.UK)
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I believe this was the date on which Sgt. TC contacted me and asked if he could send someone, or come himself to collect the original of the Official Message from PC Marriner (The Idiot) as his Inspe ctor had asked for it to present to Marriner when he was interviewed later in the week.

I declined to supply the original as I do not believe that there is ANY justification for trusting The Police – I did again supply a scanned copy of the Message.

TO DATE 20-Jun-2009

I have had no further contact from The Police on this matter since that date over one month ago.

I had hoped that the Police could manage to get a simple duty right but clearly not.

I was promised a verbal explanation with details and a written apology – NEITHER has occurred.

I now feel this matter has been kept quiet to permit the Police to get their act together for quite long enough.

You can check ANY of the facts herein, you may pass on the URL, you may publish as you wish altering none of the details or facts provided here and you may post this to your own web site or police force as an object lesson.

I have this morning checked on Google Images >Heart Atack< with a single ‘t’ and the image concerned seems no longer to be on this site in the first 45 pages.

Clearly if the Police are unable to keep their own house in order they clearly have surrendered their right to issue orders to us THEIR EMPLOYERS.

This is not an isolated example of crass incompetence and ill mannered stupidity fro the Police that I have experienced and made public. The last was published in detail regarding The Chepstow Police Inspector and his thoughtless incompetence some time ago regarding a ‘claimed’ male rape and the idiotic and abusive comments of DC Williams which are shown in comments on The Free Press at the time!

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

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