Once again I note the BBC bias – not only were they unwilling to broadcast humanitarian adverts to help the impoverished Palestinian people in the walled in zone of Gaza, for fear of upsetting their wealth and heavily armed attackers.

Palestine has neither money nor food, nor a single war plane – the Zionist terrorist force has the world’s 3rd. largest air force, tanks, helicopters and rocketry with a fully trained state supported terrorist force.

NEVER does the BBC show the immense damage done to world Jewry and the shame vested on them by the obscenities perpetrated by the fascist Zionists dominating Palestine.

The huge majority of Jews repudiate the massacres carried out against their will by the IDF acting utterly disproportionatly against the peoples of Palestine and their democraticly elected Government Hezbollah into whose arms the aggression and oppresion by the occupiers has driven the beleaguered peoples.

The insurgent force has walled these people into 139 square miles (Wales & Monmouthshire have a joint area of 8,022 sq. Mls. – Eire is 27,133 sq. Mls.).

The population of Gaza is 1.5 Million and a density of 10,665 and a per capita GDP of $600 (Wales is 3 Million, density 361/sq.ml., pc GDP $30,546. Eire is 4.4 Million, 147/sq. ml. & pc GDP $42,779)

So Gaza has 139 sqmls. & the Zionist controlled area is over 8,000 sq. mls.
Gaza has a population of 1.5 Million whilst Zionism controls 7.3 Million people.
Gaza has a population density of 10,665/sq. ml. Zionist territory is 839/sq. ml.
Gaza per capita GDP $600, Zionist territory $27,146

Indipendent desperation by encacerated Palestinian citizens uncoordinated by any Government has resulted in less than 200 deaths in the Zionist controlled territory 1 in 36,500 AT MOST.

Since the present organised massacre of Palestinians by the Zionist state terrorists around 1,500 have been slaughtered mercilessly with many 1,000s made homeless or 1 in 1,000 AT LEAST and the Zionist oppression and slaughter continues.

The UN estimate of the vile damage dome by the State terrorist IDF of Zionism to Gaza is just short of $2 Billion or 3 years of the TOTAL GDP of these encacerated peoples.

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This is the appeal The BBC refused to broadcast in their obvious bias in favour of the wealthy and heavily armed Zionists.

Jews around the world hang their heads in shame and respond in anger at this Zionist abuse of Palestine and its peoples.

The Zionist State dishonestly claims to be a successful Democracy yet you note it presents itself as a heavily armed suppressor of its peoples and its neighbours whom it has so corruptly and criminally abused.

Even accepting the figure of 6 Million promoted energeticly by Zionism as the death toll in WWII Germany was there ANY 6 week period when 1 in 1,000 Jews world wide were killed in the name of The Final Solution?

It is in this context that I unequivocally support those who believe in or espouse the Jewish Religion and intransigently repudiate the obscenity that is Zionism.

The dishonest and the corrupt will seek to pretend I am ani Semetic which is clearly a lie, merely an attempt by the greed and dishonesty of Zionism to try to shelter behind Judaism.

I am happy to state that I hope to see the evils of Zionism dispersed to the four corners of the planet so that the peoples of Palestine may live in peace and harmony be they Jews, Jains, Christians, Muslims or of no religion or superstition.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he is appalled by Israeli attacks on a UN compound in Gaza after seeing the destruction for himself.
Mr Ban said that those responsible should be held accountable and demanded a “full investigation” through proper judiciary systems.
He was speaking in front of the smouldering remains of the UN food warehouse destroyed by Israeli shells.
He said he would do all he could to help the population of Gaza.
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